Wild Encounters People have had in their Swimming Pools

Nothing is more exciting than a swimming pool in the summer – a perfect place for friends and families to cool down. Unfortunately, swimming pools are attractive to animals for the same reasons. In the heat of the summer, a large, cool body of water can be irresistible to local wildlife, and having a swimming pool can sometimes lead to some wild encounters.  Continue reading Wild Encounters People have had in their Swimming Pools

How to Remove Foam from your Swimming Pool Water

Most pool owners are frustrated when their swimming pool isn’t looking its best – and sometimes, the problem with your pool can be very confusing when it first emerges. If your water is crystal clear but you have a layer of foam on top, it can be baffling.

While it is natural for your return jets to form some bubbles as they return water to your pool, these air bubbles should dissipate quickly. A layer of foam that sticks around in your swimming pool water means there is an issue with your water. Continue reading How to Remove Foam from your Swimming Pool Water

Fun and Free Games for the Swimming Pool

Expensive floats and elaborate pool games are very popular right now. It can be tempting to purchase the latest equipment every summer. But, staying on top of the latest trends can be incredibly expensive – especially when you consider the cost of owning and operating a swimming pool.

One of the best things about relaxing by the pool is getting enjoyment out of the simpler things in life. Having a list of fun and free swimming pool games at your disposal is a great way to get more out of the pool this summer. Inviting your friends, families and kids to play games that challenge their creativity and encourage them to enjoy each other’s company can enhance any day at the pool. Continue reading Fun and Free Games for the Swimming Pool

How to Cut your Solar Cover to Perfectly fit your Swimming Pool

A solar cover can add so much to your swimming season. In Canada, summers can take a while to heat up. The right cover can help you to harness the sun, warm your water sooner, and prevent heat loss during chilly nights. This small investment can add a lot of warmth to an unheated pool, and save on heating costs for those who do have a pool heater.

The right solar blanket can add up to 17 degrees to your average pool temperature over the summer. But, a solar cover needs to be the right size and shape for your swimming pool for it to work correctly. Continue reading How to Cut your Solar Cover to Perfectly fit your Swimming Pool

A Complete Guide to Solar Pool Covers

In Canada, our swimming season is disappointingly short. During the hot days at the beginning of the summer, the weather is perfect for a swim – but your water will take some time to catch up, especially if you don’t have a heater. Over time, the summer sun will begin to warm your water, but it can take weeks off of your swimming season. Solar pool covers offer an effective and affordable way to use the sun to heat your swimming pool more quickly.

A solar pool cover can help you to quickly add a few degrees to your pool water, and to prevent heat loss during chilly nights. Continue reading A Complete Guide to Solar Pool Covers

Making your Swimming Pool more Environmentally Friendly

Owning and operating a swimming pool is not the most environmentally-friendly choice. But, swimming pools provide a lot of much-needed exercise, relaxation, and outdoor time for families across Canada. Though swimming pools can have a negative impact on the environment, there are things that you can do to ensure you minimize or even offset the impact of your swimming pool.

When maintained well and thoughtfully considered, pool chemicals, pool equipment, maintenance, and your approach to pool management can all help to make your swimming pool greener.

Repairing vs. replacing pool equipment

A swimming pool is a very harsh environment for your equipment. Over time, parts of your pool will begin to break down, and you’ll need to decide how to get your pool up and running again. Sometimes, pool owners will opt to simply replace equipment on their swimming pool, rather than attempt to repair it. But, most quality swimming pool components are very repairable.

If you make a habit and practice of repairing elements of your swimming pool rather than replacing them, you can divert an incredible amount of waste from the landfill. The practice of recycling, repurposing and ensuring you make full use of your equipment applies to your swimming pool as it does in any part of your life. If your pump, heater, filter, chlorinator or any other component of your pool is causing a problem, make sure you investigate every possibility to repair small parts before replacing an entire piece of equipment. Not only is this a green practice, but it will also save you money every single summer season.

Closing and draining your pool correctly

All season long, you fill your pool with chemicals to keep it safe, sparkling and balanced. The chemicals in your water are intended to kill bacteria and growth that can cause problems, and when these chemicals are introduced to the environment, it can cause problems.

To minimize the impact of your swimming pool chemicals, it is important that you neutralize them before draining your pool for the year. Make sure you close your pool in adherence with all local by-laws and use a dechlorinating product to ensure you minimize your environmental impact.

Managing your chemicals appropriately

The chemicals we use in our pool are produced, packaged and shipped to us for our convenience, but this process takes a big toll on the environment. Taking the time to truly understand the purpose and use of your chemicals can ensure you use them properly, minimize the chemicals you need, and avoid overuse each summer season.

Pool chemicals can also be very toxic. It is important that you store chemicals like chlorine safely so they do not impact and destroy the greenery surrounding your pool.

Energy-saving pool appliances

Older pool equipment can be very energy inefficient. Luckily, the swimming pool industry has come a long way, and offers energy-efficient pumps, heaters, and lighting systems for your swimming pool. When you need to get a new piece of equipment for your swimming pool, you should be sure to consider your energy-efficient options. Though these products tend to be a bit more expensive, they are much more friendly to the environment (and as a bonus, will save you on your energy bills each summer season).

Offsetting the impact of your swimming pool

Many environmentally-conscious people understand that some of their actions impact the environment, and take steps to offset that impact in other ways. If you’re concerned about the use of your swimming pool, there are ways to ensure you are contributing to the environment in your daily life.

You may want to consider planning the landscaping in your yard carefully to ensure it is hospitable to local wildlife and provides a lot of leafy cover to clean the air. If you’re worried about water waste that results from your swimming pool, you may want to consider donating to a water-based charity or contribute to local community groups to ensure others keep their swimming pools as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Minimizing the environmental impact of your swimming pool

A home swimming pool provides an excellent way for your family to spend quality time outside. The pool encourages exercise, an appreciation of the outdoors, and encourages your family to stay near home. But, it is important to remember that everything we do has a toll on the environment.

By paying attention to how your swimming pool functions, you’ll be able to make decisions that impact the environment less each season, and make your pool less impactful to the local environment.

How to Remove Pollen from your Swimming Pool

The beginning of each beautiful summer brings so much joy to so many people – and so much suffering to those with allergies. Excess pollen can cause sneezing, itching, and general misery. Most allergy sufferers find a way to cope or stick inside. But, even if you don’t have allergies – pollen can have an impact on your summer. Continue reading How to Remove Pollen from your Swimming Pool

Creative pool party ideas for kids

If your kid loves to swim, nothing beats a pool party. Even if you have your own pool at home, there is something magical about a pool party done right. Your home swimming pool is the perfect location to host a party for kids (and adults). Although the pool alone is worth the party, there are hundreds of games, activities, and details that you can add to create a magical experience for your kids.   Continue reading Creative pool party ideas for kids