DIY Leak Detection

Are you worried there might be a leak in your pool? We’ve got a simple procedure you can try yourself before calling in a technician to determine if your pool is actually leaking.

Generally, it is considered common for a pool to lose ~6mm of water over 24 hours due to evaporation. If more water is lost, a leak is very likely. If you suspect that there is, in fact, a leak in your pool, it’s in your best interest to analyze whether or not you’re losing more than 6 mm of water. If a significant amount is being lost, the state of your pool can be affected negatively. You may be forced to spend money on restoring the chemical balance and in severe cases; you may even be required to repair/replace your pool equipment to restore your pool to a functional state.

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Choosing Pool Professionals

Choosing a Company to Repair and Service the Pool?

After the initial startup of the pool equipment, your pool requires a mandatory maintenance (preventative maintenance). If any mechanism starts to wear out, this service would also be mandatory to prevent and diagnose any potential issues in the future. Proper care to these areas ensures significant longevity and functionality of your pool for the future.

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Swimming Pool Coping

Coping is essentially the frame for your pool and it consists of two parts: the outer coping is the concrete or stone around the edges of your pool and the inner coping, which is the part facing the inside of the pool.

Inner coping has a track to lock in the liner. If you look at a pool carefully, you can see a white stripe near the top of the pool’s wall. Some pools have a double track, with the second track being there to hold the winter snap cover.

Outer coping can be made out of different materials, but the most frequently used ones are concrete or stone and each one has its advantages.

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How to Pick Your Pool Liner

The design of your pool plays a vital role in the character of your backyard paradise. Whether you are trying to simulate the silky smooth seas of the Caribbean, or are looking for a crisp and sharp modern look selecting the right design for your pool liner will be key! Our backyard is our escape; it is the fundamental soul of our home, it’s where we go to think to unwind, to relax!

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