How to Remove Algae From Your Pool

Virtually every pool, outdoor or indoor, is susceptible to growing algae, mold, or fungus. Spores of these organisms are floating in the air around us and whenever they come in contact with a hospitable environment like the water in your swimming pool, they bloom. It’s worth noting that adding fresh water or even replacing the water in your pool entirely does not get rid of the algae. It can survive on the walls and invade your pool once again after you refill it with water. In order to fight the algae you need to add algaecide to the pool, regular disinfecting chemicals won’t do the trick if the water is already green.

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Chlorine Generators

On-site chlorine generation is growing in popularity in North America. Most new residential pools have generators installed when the pool is built. These systems are popular in other parts of the world as well, for example, the majority of pools in Australia have chlorine generators. By creating free chlorine in the water, chemical storage, transportation, chemical feeders, and handling is reduced. It is important that a qualified technician or contractor install the chlorine generator. The operation manual should be carefully reviewed. A spectrum of chlorine generators is available for smaller pools up to 40,000 gallons (151,500 liters). Units that can treat larger pools are also available.

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Solar Blankets & Solar Pool Heaters

Like so many pool owners, you must be fed up with the maintenance fees that come with keeping your pool usable, comfortable and warm. Every month your electricity bill is higher and higher, and these costs are not feasible for your family. With the aid of a solar blanket or solar pool heater, you can easily heat your pool and save on heating costs. Solar energy is a staple of the modern world, and can be used for everything from powering your home, to warming your water, so why not use it to heat your pool? Solar pool heating is the most cost-effective form of heating in many climates, and if you are only using your pool in the summer months, is an excellent way to save on energy costs. Continue reading Solar Blankets & Solar Pool Heaters