Canada’s Most Incredible Indoor Swimming Pools

As the summer winds down and it comes time to close your swimming pool for the season, many swimmers can get disheartened at the thought of waiting through the winter for their next swim. Indoor swimming pools also offer a way to enjoy the water without worrying about sunburn during the summer months. While many people have access to a local community pool, you may want something more to beat the winter blues.

Canada is home to some of the most impressive indoor swimming pools in the world. If you’re looking for a Canadian vacation destination that offers the chance to enjoy an amazing indoor swimming experience that goes beyond what your local community centre has to offer, hit the road and visit some of these incredible indoor swimming pools.

The Eastlink Centre Swimming Pools in Grande Prairie, Alberta

The Eastlink Centre is a paradise for anyone who loves to swim, especially anyone who loves to swim during the winter months. This massive sports complex includes a huge number of pools and swimming activities for almost anyone to enjoy, whether they are looking to swim series laps, or enjoy some sporty indoor fun.

Spending the day at The Eastlink Centre gets you access to a 50-metre competition-grade pool, a surfing simulator, kid-friendly swimming zones, a lazy river to float through, and steamy hot tubs to warm up in. It is the perfect place for an active family to visit when they are looking to burn off a little winter energy.

The Eastlink Centre complex is so huge and impressive that you’ll need to plan multiple visits to enjoy everything it has to offer.

Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls, Ontario

If you’re looking for a truly unique swimming experience for your family, Great Wolf Lodge is the perfect choice that offers an incredible experience for kids. Great Wolf Lodge is the largest indoor water park in North America, offering a swimming experience so big and unique that it can keep your family busy for days. This waterpark is open only to those who are staying at the hotel – giving you the perfect opportunity to wear the kids out for a few days.

Great Wolf Lodge Niagara has been built to appeal to every type of swimmer and gives visitors access to water slides (big and small), splash pads, water jungle gyms, and heated spas. The kids will want to swim all day with so much to explore, and with water that is heated to a balmy 84 degrees, they’ll be able to!

For any swimmer who misses the chance to dive into their own pool during the winter months, Great Wolf Lodge is an indoor oasis that offers the chance to swim, dive, slide, and relax. With their unique hotel-based business model, this is the perfect destination to beat the winter blues.

The World Waterpark in Edmonton, Alberta

The World Waterpark truly lives up to its name, offering an incredible indoor swimming experience that attracts tourists from all over the globe. This massive indoor complex is a swimmer’s dream, offering a huge number of ways to enjoy the water for swimmers of every age.

Kids can enjoy an indoor splash pad and massive indoor jungle gym that lets them feel daring in a safe environment. Older swimmers can enjoy the impressive variety of water slides, and anyone who is brave enough can enjoy the terrifying floor that drops out from beneath you, and plunges you into the water below. Blue Thunder is one of the biggest attractions at the park, setting the record for the largest indoor wave pool in the world.

The Gallagher Water Park in Yorkton, Saskatchewan

If you have plans to head to Saskatchewan this year, the Gallagher Water Park in Yorkton is a pool that you shouldn’t miss! This incredible waterpark offers something special to visitors of all ages. Kids can splash around in a splash pad and safe shallow areas, or enjoy the massive indoor wave pool. Swimmers can enjoy some relaxing time in the lazy river, or even try their hand at the indoor climbing wall (will you make it to the top or plunge into the water below).

Whether you’re hoping for a winter swimming escape that offers thrills, fitness or relaxation, the Gallagher Water Park has everything!

The Works Waterpark in St. Johns, Newfoundland

When you think waterparks, you probably don’t immediately think of Newfoundland. But, The Works Waterpark is an incredible swimming location that adds a splash to any visit to St. Johns. The Works is a massive waterpark located near Memorial University that offers everything you’d want in your visit to an indoor waterpark.

The Works lives up to its name with an offering of diving boards, waterslides, water walkways, and fun indoor water toys. The Works is also a great place to learn new swimming skills, with a variety of swimming and diving lessons that are perfect for the whole family.

Exploring Canada’s indoor swimming pools and waterparks

During the winter months, it can be easy to give in to cabin fever, and spend time indoors. Canada’s incredible variety of indoor waterparks and swimming pools offer the perfect way to offer something new, and beat the winter blues. Whether you’re planning a long vacation or a weekend away, these indoor swimming pools offer the perfect way to burn some energy and enjoy some safe active fun during the winter months.

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