The Benefits of Variable Speed Pumps VS. Single or Double Speed

Of the different pool renovations, repairs and accessories which reduce energy consumption, the one most often talked about is the pump, as it’s the piece of equipment that generally consumes the most energy. For this reason, finding a pump that suits your pool and reduces energy costs is an important task in the maintenance of your pool. You might find that your older, single or double speed pump is running your energy bills through the roof, and are considering a change.

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Close Your Pool for Winter

In harsh winter climates, such as Canada, it’s quite difficult to close your pool and ensure that you are doing it correctly. Closing your pool for the season has to be done the correct way and at the correct time to ensure the sanctity of your pool’s structure and parts. An improperly closed pool can cost you much in repairs the next year, and can damage the functioning of your equipment. For this reason, we always recommend hiring a professional unless you have plenty of experience in closing your pool on your own, to save yourself the trouble of later damages. Continue reading Close Your Pool for Winter

Robotic Pool Cleaners 101

If you have a swimming pool at home, you know how hard it can be to keep your pool in perfect swimming conditions every day of the summer. During the busiest parts of the summer, you can spend hours a week maintaining a pool that you never get the chance to step foot in. If this sounds like you, one option you’ve likely considered getting a robotic pool cleaner to help make pool maintenance easier.

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