Chlorine Alternatives for Your Swimming Pool

Chlorine shortage may be bad news for pools this summer due to chemical  plant fire - ABC7 San Francisco

With the approaching of summer, it is no surprise that the demand for chlorine is increasing. Due to the high demand this season,  we are facing a chlorine shortage in Canada. In the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to stay home. The more time we spent at home, the more demand there was for home improvements, such as backyard swimming pool installment. Now, chlorine pricing rates have spiked and people are looking for chlorine alternatives for their hot tubs and swimming pools.

Chlorine is considered one of the most common products to treat a swimming pool; it improves water quality by eliminating harmful fungi and bacteria. However, there are chlorine substitutes for swimming pools that are just as effective when it comes to making pool water suitable for use. Below, we have listed some safe and effective alternatives to chlorine for swimming pools that are sure to clear up the troublesome microbes in your pool water.


This gas is considered a great eliminator of viruses, fungi and bacteria —an ideal pool water treatment option. This product takes little energy to function and it does not leave residue. 

To use this non chlorine option in your pool, an ozonator device is required, which captures oxygen from the air, breaks down these particles, and directs the ozone into the water. It is necessary to leave the device on for 6 to 8 hours daily.

Salt water

Salt water is a natural way to treat a swimming pool without chlorine. Salt is less aggressive on the skin than chlorine, causing less irritation of the skin, less eye redness, and less dryness of the hair. Treating pool water with salt is a process that involves fewer chemicals and provides a self-cleaning aspect that stands out among non chlorine pool treatments. It is worth mentioning that the artificial smell characteristic to chlorine pools decreases when opting for a non chlorine-filled pool. That is, this resource is a natural alternative to pool chlorine.

Non-chlorine shock

Another non chlorine alternative is the chlorine-free shock—a quick and cheap alternative. Chlorine-free shock is another effective chlorine substitute for water treatment. It takes about 15 minutes for the pool to become swim-safe and you can add it directly to the pool water at any time.


The last alternative for cleaning the swimming pool without chlorine is PHMB. For those who use contact lenses, PHMB is part of their cleaning solution. This option is extremely effective; it is immune to UV rays, pH and temperature variations, and there is no odor! It is a great choice if you have just filled the pool and have not yet added any treatment products.

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