Best Swimming Pools in Vancouver for 2024

Vancouver may not have a lot of outdoor pools, but the ones they have are some of the most picturesque in the world. Take the kids for a splash in the turquoise waters this summer and soak up the views. Their indoor and hotel pools are also not to be missed. Discover the best pools in Vancouver here.

Best Outdoor Pools in Vancouver

  • Second Beach Pool
    Heated outdoor pool near the beach, forest and trails of Stanley Park. The perfect place for kids to cool off in the summer heat, and close to Stanley Park playground, seawall and West End. It can get windy so bring something warm. 735 Stanley Park Drive, Vancouver
  • Kits Pool
    Vancouver’s only saltwater swimming pool, and for the lap keeners, it is also the longest pool in Canada. Its spectacular coastal position provides breathtaking views, and you’re directly on Kits Beach, so you can easily spend the whole day there. Beach access for children and a snack kiosk selling kombucha! 2305 Cornwall Street, Vancouver
  • New Brighton Pool
    This calmer (but still popular) outdoor pool is nestled away behind the PNE grounds on the coastline. It’s heated and warm, and offers beach entry, a slide and a restaurant, as well as great views of the North Shore mountains, Burrard Inlet and working docks. Additionally, New Brighton Park has picnic areas and two playgrounds. 3201 New Brighton Road, Vancouver
  • Maple Grove Pool
    This local gem in Kerrisdale is a favourite among families. With a graded beach access, a fascinating spray fountain, and lush grass around it, it’s great for little children… as well as picnics. 6875 Yew Street, Vancouver
  • Hillcrest Pool
    The cute outdoor pool attached to the Hillcrest indoor pool is a great way to get a little outdoors fun, with a hot tub within a short walk. Sprayers and shallow areas abound. 4575 Clancy Loranger Way, Vancouver
  • Seveston Pool
    Great little neighbourhood pool in Richmond’s Steveston neighbourhood. Great on a hot summer day, and located next to a playground and Steveston Village’s shops and restaurants. 4151 Moncton Road, Vancouver

Best Indoor Pools in Vancouver

  • Hillcrest Aquatic Centre
    This facility frequently tops lists of where to swim in Vancouver, and it’s easy to see why. The location contains an indoor and outdoor pool, as well as other kid-friendly amenities like as spray jets, water cannons, a lazy river, beach access, and an abundance of toy boats, balls and pool noodles, plus several racks of life jackets. Their family change rooms make it easy for moms or dads to get the kids ready for the pool. 4575 Clancy Loranger Way, Vancouver
  • Killarney Pool
    If you’re looking for a quieter alternative to Hillcrest, check out Killarney. It is an indoor pool that is often referred to as a family favourite. You’ll find ozone-treated water, beach-style entry, a lazy river, spray features, a giant water slide, diving boards, a whirlpool and breathtaking views of the mountains. 6260 Killarney Street, Vancouver
  • Vancouver Aquatics Centre
    If you’re in the downtown area, this naturally lighted indoor pool on Sunset Beach, just across from the Burrard Street Bridge, is an excellent alternative. It offers a rope swing, slide, dive tank and diving boards (including a 10-metre board), sauna, whirlpool and family change rooms. There’s a separate wading pool for parents with kids. 1050 Beach Avenue, Vancouver
  • UBC Aquatics Centre
    There is a new indoor pool in town, and the water is perfectly wonderful to swim in. The newly constructed UBC Aquatic Centre, next to the UBC bus loop, has three pools, a 34-person hot tub, lazy river, steam room, and sauna. 6080 Student Union Blvd, Vancouver
  • Canada Games Pool
    For nearly 40 years, the Canada Games Pool has been a popular response when asked where to swim in Vancouver. The facility, which is located in New Westminster, offers four distinct pools: a kiddie pool, a teach pool, a lap pool, and a deep tank. Additionally, there is the Green Thunder Waterslide, which is the province’s longest indoor water slide. The pool toys, kid slide, and rope swing will keep the children entertained. Canada Games Pool also has family changing rooms, a whirlpool, and a sauna. 65 East 6th Avenue, New Westminster, Vancouver
  • Edmonds Community Centre
    The Fred Randall Pool at Edmonds Community Centre is Burnaby’s newest pool. The facility includes a lazy river, a 60-meter-long water slide, a bubble table, a dump bucket, and a preschool climbing structure. Additionally, a hot tub, sauna, lap pool, and family changing rooms are available. Edmonds Community Centre also has a coffee shop and an indoor playground, so it’s not only a place to swim in Vancouver; it’s also a place to play on a wet day in Vancouver. 7433 Edmonds Street, Burnaby, Vancouver

Best Pools in Vancouver Hotels

  • Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre
    Peer toward Stanley Park and take in some of the most beautiful sites in the city, then relax in the indoor pool which also houses two whirlpools and a fitness centre. Windows accent the space so sunlight floods in, making it a truly lovely place to wind down at the beginning or end of the day. 1000 Burrard Street, Vancouver
  • Rosewood Hotel Georgia
    Rosewood Hotel Georgia is one of the nicest hotels in Vancouver. It is elegant, luxurious, and brimming with early 1900s grandeur. The indoor pool is magnificent, illuminated by creative lighting that reflects off the bottom. Lounge space is abundant on this 4th-floor retreat, and the ceiling stretches dramatically high, further adding to the openness. Complemented by a world-class spa, Rosewood is fit for royalty. 801 W Georgia Street, Vancouver
  • Element Vancouver Metrotown
    The whole Element Vancouver Metrotown hotel exudes a spa-like, Mediterranean vibe. The pool, on the other hand, will leave your jaw on the floor. While the structure is enclosed, large, gorgeous windows allow for natural light on pleasant days. Within the pool, deep blue water sparkles and an airy lounge area wraps around. Soak up the sun in the grassy courtyard just outside, or simply stay shaded inside while soaking in the whirlpool. 5988 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby, Vancouver
  • Auberge Vancouver Hotel
    After your adventures, unwind in the colossal indoor pool with its domed glass ceiling. Stone walls and more giant windows revealing mountain views give the amenity a polished feel, and appropriately there’s a spa on site for massages and other wellness treatments. Whether taking a few laps or relaxing in the whirlpool, it’s a fantastic facility. 837 W Hastings Street, Vancouver
  • The Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver
    A big skylight hangs over The Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver’s enormous square pool, and a wide hot tub is only feet away. The hotel’s five-star charm is ever apparent in this welcoming indoor space, which is also complimented by a small outdoor courtyard with lounge chairs and canopies. Due to the hotel’s strategic position, there are really breathtaking views from every angle. 845 Burrard Street, Vancouver
  • Shangri-la Hotel Vancouver
    Shangri-la Hotel Vancouver is an apt moniker for a property with such a striking rooftop pool. Oddly shaped, the pool is surrounded by shaded lounge chairs and glass railing. The views from the terrace are unbeatable. Swim or just relax in the hot tub—it’s paradise. 1129 Alberni Street, Vancouver

Best Swimming Pools in Vancouver

This gorgeous city on British Columbia’s west coast offers a long list of exciting attractions. Very often, there will be a unique pool offering spectacular views. How amazing does it sound to take a swim while enjoying the skyline? Explore them here and plan your next adventure!

How Long Should You Run Your Pool Pump?

Replacing A Swimming Pool Pump | My Decorative

Want to know how long you should run your pool pump daily? –  you’ll need to be familiar with certain pool equipment and have a basic understanding of your pool’s quirks. You will establish a deep connection with your pool pump and filtration system as you read this article.

Your pool’s pump circulates the water to help distribute chemicals and then filter out certain matter from your water to keep your water clean and safe.

Not only can your pool pump and filter maintain your pool looking gorgeous, but they may also significantly increase your power cost, so you must use it wisely.  Every day, your pump works tirelessly to keep your water clean and safe, so it’s critical that you operate it effectively. You are wondering how long should i run my above ground pool pump?

Reduce your power cost and ensure the pump’s longevity.  This is one of those pool maintenance tasks that, if performed poorly, may wind up costing you a lot of money. The challenge is to understand your pool pump’s function, the kind of pump you have (or should have), and how to maximise its features.  .How Stuff Works

How Long Per Day? 

The easy answer to the question of how often to operate the pool pump is that you should run it every day, for around 8 hours if everything is correctly proportioned. However, why did we say everything needs to be accurately measured?  That is because, in the majority of cases, the pump is either too small or too large for the pool.  It is quite difficult to come across pool pumps that are the proper size.  This is why it is difficult to say how many hours a day a pool pump should run.  It really is until the water cycles through completely. 

Why Monitor Use?

For two reasons.  If your pool pump operates for an inadequate period of time and does not sufficiently circulate all of the pool water, it is a waste since a part of your pool water will stay stagnant. The water will remain unfiltered and that will leave debris and other impurities in your water. 

The second reason is the economy. Leaving the pump running after the water has been thoroughly circulated is a waste of energy (since the water has already been filtered), and wasting energy means wasting money. Having a set pool pump schedule can save you frustration and resources.

Flow Rate

Your flow rate is how much water your pump filters in a set time period.  That speed is your flow rate.  You can also find the flow rate on the manufacturer’s instructions for your pool pump.  It’ll be measured in gallons per minute (gpm) or gallons per hour (gph) or in litres per minute/hour.  It will dictate how many hours a day a pool pump should run.

Which Pump Speed Should I Choose?

Now you need to determine the speed options on your pool pump.  Typically, there are two different types of pool pumps – a single-speed and a two-speed.  Does the pump speed answer the question should I leave my pool pump on all the time?

A single-speed pump has a single flow rate.  This is the simpler of the 2 pumps in that it has a timer to do most of the work for you.  You don’t have to think about when to turn the speed up or down.  However, the downside is you don’t have an option to run your pump at a lower speed to save energy.

A two-speed pump is a step up: you can flip a switch between a high speed and low speed. Lower speeds also means lower noise which is a nice benefit.  This type of pump allows you to have a pool pump schedule.

Neither speed requires you to run the pump all of the time, but the single speed will run longer. 

Something to also keep in mind is that your pump will need to run longer and at higher speeds after you have had a large number of swimmers, or if it is extra warm during the summer months.  So, after your kid’s birthday party with their 12 friends, it’s a good time to run it more often and especially run it longer during those hot Canadian summers.  In this situation, it is nice to have a two-speed pump.

Computing Pump Time

To establish the run time of your pump, you’ll need two critical pieces of information. The first is the volume of your pool, and the second is the flow rate of your pump. The math is quite simple, actually.  Take  your pool’s volume, divide it by the flow rate of your pump and you should have the time needed to completely cycle your pool water and therefore answering the question of how often to run the pool pump?

Let’s look at a simple example. Let’s say you have a pool that’s 110,000 litres and a pump that has a flow rate of 210 litres per minute.  110,000 litres / 210 litres per minute = 523.80 minutes.

This means that your pump is undersized and you’d need to run your pump for 8 hours and 40 minutes to fully circulate your pool water.  That is then how many hours a day a pool pump should run.  You may need to run it longer if the water is not clear.

If this was your setup and you were only running your pool pump for say 6 hours a day, you would find that your water will progressively get harder to balance and it will be tougher to keep it clear as it has not been fully filtered out.  Essentially you need to run the pump until the water is transparent and chemically balanced.

Other Times to Pump

Many experts will have several recommendations on how often the pool pump should be run per day, but for us and many others, one cycle is enough to keep your pool crystal clear and the chemicals working properly.  But there will be situations where you need to keep your pool pump running longer than what’s typically needed.  If you are wondering should I leave my pool pump on all of the time, the answer is “no”, except possibly in these situations.

  • Following a significant algae incident — If you’re dealing with green pool water and algae and you’ve just shocked the pool, you may need to run the pool pump continually to enable the chemicals to circulate thoroughly.
  • After a rainfall – Rainstorms are known for dropping significant amounts of debris and poisons into your pool.After one, you may need to run your pool pump longer to make sure that every little bit is filtered. Don’t forget to re-balance your pool as well.
  • After prolonged usage – If you have guests or a party, use your pump longer to thoroughly filter and sanitise the water.
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Can I Run My Pool Pump 24/7?

Knowing how long to operate your pool pump each day is critical for maintaining a crystal-clear pool while also saving money. If you have one of the older single-speed pumps, an easier option may be to get a newer variable speed or pump which allows you to run your pump longer and save money at the same time.

In fact, the right pump will pay for the price difference in under a year just through your energy savings.

 The time of day you operate your pump may also play a significant role in lowering your expenditures. Operate your pump during off-peak or overnight hours. The power rate you pay varies during the day. It is based on what electric suppliers refer to as peak hours, which are times when more people use more energy, placing a greater pressure on the system. This also dictates how many hours a day should a pool pump run. 

Time for an Upgrade?

You now own the solution to “should I leave my pool pump on all the time?”. Overall, the lesson learned today is that you should run your pool pump an average 8 hours a day to properly circulate and clean your water.  The pump should push your entire pool in gallons/litres in this 8 hour period of time.  If not, your pump may be too small or too old.

Do you need a new pump or are you looking to upgrade to an energy efficient variable speed pump to save on your electricity bills without worrying about pump run times?  Browse the selection of pool pumps.  A little research will save you money and protect one of your biggest investments – your pool.