Best Swimming Pool Apps for your Smartphone

Swimming pool design and technology has come a long way, and there are many helpful smartphone apps that can help you with everything from managing water chemistry to planning your summer season.

If you’re looking for a better way to control and manage your pool, apps are a great place to start. We’ve put together a list of the best swimming pool apps that can help you to manage your pool more effectively.

The Pool Pal App

If you’ve ever struggled to manage the chemical balance in your swimming pool water, the Pool Pal app is a dream come true. This simple app allows you to plug in the specific values of your swimming pool and your goal chemical levels. When you test your water, you can input the readings and get instant chemical recommendations to perfectly balance your water.

Pool Pal is a handy app to have if you’re managing your own home pool. But, this handy app has the capacity to manage data for multiple pools, and makes a great tool for anyone who services pools professionally.  Get Pool Pal on both Android and iOS.

The Pool Care App

The Pool Care App is a multi-function app that helps pool owners and pool professionals to manage many of the tasks related to maintaining a pool. Pool Care can provide chemical recommendations based on test results, calculate the volume of a swimming pool, and provide personalized tips and tricks for pool maintenance.

Pool Care makes it easy to identify trends and issues with your pool by providing graphed data over time. This feature helps you get better at maintaining your pool every week of the summer. This handy app is available for free for Android or iOS users. For only $1.99, you can use Pool Care ad-free!

The Pool Doctor App

If you are truly enthusiastic about maintaining your swimming pool perfectly, Pool Doctor is the App for you. Pool Doctor allows you to enter all of the relevant information about your pool and test readings, and provides immediate information on how to perfectly balance your water.

Pool Doctor provides a lot more data than the average swimming pool app. People who are new to maintaining the pool may find this app a bit overwhelming at first. But, the level of detail provided by Pool Doctor teaches users so much about pool balance, and provides a wealth of information over time. Download the helpful Pool Doctor App on iOS compatible devices.

The Pool Heater App

The Pool Heater App has made it possible to control the function of your pool heater remotely and easily from your smartphone. This app can connect any heater with WiFi capability to your phone for easy control. The Pool Heater App makes it easy to ensure your pool is at the perfect temperature at all times. You can easily turn up the temperature when you’re anticipating a swim, or turn down the heat when the pool empties out.

One of the best features of the Pool Heater App is the data it provides over time. The built-in graphing capability makes it easy to control your heating expenses and usage. Many new swimming pool heaters come compatible with their own app and control system. But, the Pool Heater App provides an additional and flexible option to easily control your swimming pool heater.

The Pool Cloud App

If you’re new to maintaining a swimming pool, the Pool Cloud App is right for you. This app focuses on providing all of the detail you need to expertly manage your pool, but gives step by step instructions to make these processes easy and intuitive. Video tutorials, written instructions and helpful tips will help to guide you from beginner to expert pool owner.

If you’re experienced with maintaining a pool, you may find the Pool Cloud a bit too instructive for your taste. But, if you’re the only person in your home who knows how to maintain the pool, Pool Cloud can make it easy to share pool maintenance with any member of the family.

Swimming Pool Design

If you have plans to design your own swimming pool in the future, the Swimming Pool Design App is a must-have addition for your smartphone. The Swimming Pool Design app ties together creative and unique swimming pool design features and makes it easy to envision how they will fit in your yard.

The Swimming Pool Design app was actually designed for builders and swimming pool professionals to use in their business. But, anyone who loves to be involved in the design of their home will love the inspiration that comes from the Swimming Pool Design app. Find a great starting point to discuss with your pool builder when you get ready to design your dream pool.

Pool Measure Pro App

Maintaining a swimming pool takes a lot of time and effort each summer season. There are many factors to keep track of, and it can be hard to manage chores effectively – even if you’ve had a lot of practice. Using a quality swimming pool app can help you more effectively manage your swimming pool, and allow you to rely on your phone, rather than your memory, to keep your pool running perfectly.