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Close Your Pool for Winter

In harsh winter climates, such as Canada, it’s quite difficult to close your pool and ensure that you are doing it correctly. Closing your pool for the season has to be done the correct way and at the correct time to ensure the sanctity of your pool’s structure and parts. An improperly closed pool can cost you much in repairs the next year, and can damage the functioning of your equipment. For this reason, we always recommend hiring a professional unless you have plenty of experience in closing your pool on your own, to save yourself the trouble of later damages.

Toronto Pool Services offers pool closing services at the end of the season, alongside our many other packaged and deals. Our Gold Closing package is everything you need to make sure your swimming pool remains undamaged by ice in the winter, and will be ready to open the next spring.

Pool Closing Services

Toronto Pool Services’ packages offer the following:

  • Draining water levels: Draining water is the most annoying part of closing your pool. We do the heavy work of draining for you, so that you don’t have to worry.
  • Scum Line Removal: We clean the inside of your pool for you.
  • Skimmer basket, circulation equipment removable: Comprehensive cleaning of your filtration system.
  • Blow Lines, foam rope, wintering and antifreeze in pipes: Readying your pool for the winter by preventing ice in pipes and systems.
  • Step ladders removed and bolts greased: Preventative maintenance of accessories.
  • Closing chemicals: Necessary chemicals added to the water.
  • Winter covers and water bags: We install or provide a winter cover and water bags for your pool surface.
  • Pool pump, filter and heater winterization: Ensure that your system equipment lasts through the winter with complete winterization of your pump, filter, and heater.
  • Remove pool deck accessories: Store your chairs, loungers and poolside accessories.
  • Extras: Removal of attached spas, closing, and preparation of waterfalls and extra closing chemicals are prices accordingly.

Pool Closing DIY

In order to ensure proper closing, you should have ready a cover, water bags, pool accessories, plugs and foam rope, accessible outdoor power. Before closing your pool on your own take the time to contact a professional to ensure that you are not making crucial mistakes that will damage your pool and equipment. Never leave water in your heater, as this will freeze and damage the heater, most likely forcing you to replace it. Leaving water in your plumbing can cause your pipes to rupture when it freezes, and this too is very expensive to fix. If you’re prepared to close the pool yourself remember to follow a checklist and ensure you have all the necessary supplies such as chemicals, antifreeze, a pool cover and water bags, and that you haven’t made any of the previous mistakes.

All closing equipment can be purchased from Toronto Pool Supplies, and is available for shipment Canada-wide. Check out our selection of water bags and other pool equipment.

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