Pool Fencing: Safety Standards and Benefits

We all know that installing a fence around your pool is the last thing you want to do, but often it’s necessary. As the city of Toronto’s bylaws state that you are required to have a fence on your property if you have a private swimming pool, it’s important that you consider your options. Bylaws state that your pool enclosure should have a barrier, separating partially or wholly the boundary between adjoining land and your property. Now, this, of course, means that if you already have a fence of the proper size, you are technically on the right. However, with smaller children, pets or areas where pests and animals are a problem, a pool enclosure can give you the peace of mind that your children and pets are safe, and that you will not find drowned pests in your pool. This means that a pool enclosure is an effective way of guaranteeing safety and preventing additional maintenance.

Many contractors will quote you exorbitant sums for pool fencing or enclosure installation. This doesn’t have to be the case. With Toronto Pool Supplies you can purchase pool fencing for as little as 13.33$ per square foot. This fencing is safe, secure, fits bylaw specifications and is easy to install on your own. Here are the benefits of installing a pool enclosure or fence:

Guarantee the safety of young children

Prevent accidents by keeping your pool enclosure locked always. Your children and pets will not be able to open the gates themselves, and our pool fencing is virtually un-climbable and very difficult to jump over. With the rate of child mortality going up due to pool accidents, it’s always better to be safe than sorry if you have an unfenced pool or a baby on the way.

pool safty

Keep  unwanted debris out

A simple fence can do wonders in catching leaves or grass and dirt that get blown into your pool by the wind. In this way, a pool fence will allow you to save time on cleaning as the dirt and debris will not find their way inside as easily.

Keep your pets out

Prevent your dogs from leaping into the water every chance they get by installing a pool enclosure. This way, Rover will only make a mess indoors when allowed inside.dog jumping inside a pool

Save money on fence installation

With our pool fencing, you can save thousands of dollars on contracting services and installation. This pool fencing comes with all the necessary elements required to make installation a breeze and is fully removable for when your kids get older, or you want to upgrade. Similarly, the fencing can be arranged in any pool shape and is easy to install in any distance away from the pool itself, reducing the intrusion contemporary pool enclosures are to the rest of your backyard.

Satisfy government regulations

Don’t risk getting reported by neighbors and caught unawares with an unfenced pool on your property. Prevent fines and other issues by installing this quick, easy and temporary fencing.

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