Swimming Pool Games Ideas

Fun Swimming Pool Game Ideas

One of the best things about relaxing by the pool is getting enjoyment out of the simpler things in life. Having a list of fun and free swimming pool game ideas at your disposal is a great way to get more out of the pool this summer. Inviting your family members to play games that challenge their creativity and encourage them to enjoy each other’s company can enhance any day at the pool.

Marco Polo

Nothing beats a classic. Marco Polo is a fun game for adults and kids to play to keep them busy in and around the pool. One player closes their eyes and is tasked with tagging the other players. The player who is “It” gets to call out “Marco” and players have to answer with “Polo” to help to give a clue to their location.

For an extra challenging game of Marco Polo, you can add a “Fish out of Water Rule.” This rule allows whoever is It to call “Fish Out of Water” and anyone who is out of the pool (on the pool deck, lawn, pool ladder, etc.) will become It for the next round.

Diving Challenge

Challenging kids (and adults) to dive to the bottom of the pool to retrieve toys is a fun game that also encourages kids to feel more confident in the water. There are a huge number of diving toys available for purchase, and it can be tempting to collect them all. But, you can use simple bath toys or any toys you have around the house (provided they won’t damage your liner).

The best part of the Diving Challenge Game is that it is so flexible, and can be played with almost anything. You can enhance a diving challenge game by adding variations with storylines, creating teams, and making players into mermaids, dolphins, or sharks.

Pool Races

Challenging friends and family members to races through the pool is a great way to sharpen swimming skills (and tire the kids out for the night). Simple racing games can keep your family busy for hours and have a stunning amount of variety. You can begin racing games with simple dashes to the far side of the pool, and increase the challenge until there are underwater challenges, specific swim challenges, and relay races involved.

You’ll be surprised at how fearlessly kids will dive underwater or try out a new swim stroke when a quick challenge is on the line. Setting up your own races or summer Olympics in the pool is a great way to keep the family engaged and entertained.

Create the Ultimate Whirlpool

Creating the Ultimate Whirlpool in your swimming pool isn’t exactly a traditional game. But, it is is a classic swimming pool activity that every swimmer should have the chance to enjoy. Whirlpools work best in pools that are round or oval, and when you have a few people to help to create it.

To create a whirlpool in the swimming pool, kids simply need to keep moving through the pool in the same direction, causing the water to flow in a circular motion. As participants continue to run, the current gets stronger and stronger, eventually traveling in a whirling pattern. Once the water is really going, swimmers can float along, enjoying the current until the water settles down.

Simon Says Synchronized Swimming

Everyone knows that Simon Says is a great way to get kids focused in the house, and it works just as well in the swimming pool. The Synchronized Swimming version is a fun way to get the family feeling fun, free and silly in the water. One player begins as Simon and leads a synchronized swimming routine for others to follow, calling out Simon Says before each move. Anyone who performs an action when the leader hasn’t said “Simon Says” takes over the performance.

It can be a relief to play Simon Says in the water, where kids are protected from the trips and drops associated with elaborate movements when they get excited. It can also be a great way to get uncomfortable swimmers to dunk their heads and challenge themselves to new movements.

Hoola Hoop Diving

Hoola hoops can make for a great pool accessory, particularly if you have family members who love to dive and swim underwater. Using these classic toys for a diving game is a great way to entertain kids for hours (as they pretend to be sharks, mermaids or Olympians).

Hoola games can challenge swimmers to clear the hoop above water or underwater. They also make a great addition to an obstacle-course based race, or a game of Simon Says Synchronized Swimming.

Swimming Pool Karaoke

For music lovers, Karaoke (official or unofficial) can be the most fun part of the day. Pairing Karaoke with the swimming pool is a great way to challenge creativity and enjoy music while you get some time in the pool. Swimmers can do anything from simply singing along, to choreographing elaborate dance performances to go along with their song.

Water Workouts

The best way to get kids to exercise is to make it fun. Leading the kids through water aerobics is a great way to introduce them to a routine, yoga, and gentle workouts. Water workouts work best with the family if you mix them up with a few fun challenges, like underwater handstands. Getting your family to come up with new routines is a great way to stay engaged and make sure you all stay in shape this summer.