New Homebuyer’s Guide to Pool Maintenance

If you’ve purchased a home with a swimming pool, congratulations! A swimming pool can add so much to your home each summer – encouraging your family to socialize, exercise, and spend more time together. But before you dive in and enjoy your new pool, you’ll need to be sure you understand each of its components and how to operate the pool correctly. We’ve put together a homebuyer’s guide to pool maintenance so you can learn tips and tricks on how to properly and cost-effectively maintain your pool and familiarize yourself with your pool equipment.

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How to Clean your Swimming Pool from Leaves

Having a leafy backyard can create unique challenges for swimming pool owners. Leaves and berries can easily drop into your pool, causing problems with debris, dirt and clarity. This can be especially difficult as autumn approaches and you get ready to close your swimming pool. This problem can be so frustrating that many people will avoid planting trees at all so it doesn’t add to their pool care needs.

With some planning and a regular cleaning schedule, you can overcome the challenge of having a leafy backyard area, and enjoy a sparkling clean pool this summer. Keep these tips in mind if you’re hoping to cultivate a garden oasis in your backyard.

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Water Testing 101

Exposure to outdoor pollutants, animals and insects can cause problems with the sanitation in your swimming pool water. But, the chemicals you use to treat your pool for these issues can cause balance issues of their own. Water that is left untreated is unsafe in the short-term and can cause damage to your pool in the long-term. Water testing allows you to make sure that your swimming pool water is safe during every point of the summer season, and needs to be conducted regularly.

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How Does Smart Pool Automation Work?

When homeowners make the investment in turning their house into a Smart Home, the pool is an area that is often overlooked. But your swimming pool is also the area of your home with the most potential for added convenience through automation.

Pool technology has come a long way, and smart technology now makes it easier than ever to maintain the essential features of your pool, even from a distance. With some adjustments and updates to your pool system, you can maximize the effectiveness of your pool appliances while saving energy and money, all through your smartphone or tablet.

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Pool Chemistry 101

It is extremely important to maintain the chemical balance of the water in your pool. Unbalanced water can lead to various health problems such as skin rashes, respiratory allergies, etc. Chemical imbalances can also cause equipment failures, such as heat exchanger damage in your heater. For those who have a vinyl liner in their pool, unbalanced water can reduce the life of the liner.

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