Pool Safety Covers

As more and more pool owners invest in pool safety covers, you might be wondering why they’re so popular. If your pool is open on a daily basis, you might want to consider getting a safety cover to cover your pool overnight and during the seasons you aren’t using it. A pool safety cover is far better than a tarp, or simply leaving your pool open through the season you aren’t using it, as it will prevent water, leaves, dirt and other debris from getting in, and will save you on the maintenance time that removing that nasty gunk takes. Another benefit of a pool safety cover is that it reduces the possibility of accidents such as falls, or of animals getting stuck in your pool. With a quality safety cover, you can easily walk over the top of your pool, making a portion of your yard accessible during the winter. This article will discuss the benefits of safety covers. Continue reading Pool Safety Covers

Close Your Pool for Winter

In harsh winter climates, such as Canada, it’s quite difficult to close your pool and ensure that you are doing it correctly. Closing your pool for the season has to be done the correct way and at the correct time to ensure the sanctity of your pool’s structure and parts. An improperly closed pool can cost you much in repairs the next year, and can damage the functioning of your equipment. For this reason, we always recommend hiring a professional unless you have plenty of experience in closing your pool on your own, to save yourself the trouble of later damages. Continue reading Close Your Pool for Winter