Wild Encounters People have had in their Swimming Pools

In city areas, most swimming pool owners only encounter small wild animals and insects that are attracted to their pools. In more suburban or rural areas, there are much larger animals sharing our neighbourhoods. When summer heats up, your swimming pool can lead to some wild encounters with the local animals. 

Canada is a large country with a lot of diverse ecology, and there are thousands of wild encounters in Canadian pools each year. But, this is also a global phenomenon. Check out some of these wild encounters people have had in their pools. 

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Pool Fencing: Safety Standards and Benefits

We all know that installing a fence around your pool is the last thing you want to do, but often it’s necessary. As the city of Toronto’s bylaws state that you are required to have a fence on your property if you have a private swimming pool, it’s important that you consider your options. Bylaws state that your pool enclosure should have a barrier, separating partially or wholly the boundary between adjoining land and your property. Now, this, of course, means that if you already have a fence of the proper size, you are technically on the right. However, with smaller children, pets or areas where pests and animals are a problem, a pool enclosure can give you the peace of mind that your children and pets are safe, and that you will not find drowned pests in your pool. This means that a pool enclosure is an effective way of guaranteeing safety and preventing additional maintenance.

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