New Homebuyer’s Guide to Pool Maintenance

If you’ve purchased a home with a swimming pool, congratulations! A swimming pool can add so much to your home each summer – encouraging your family to socialize, exercise, and spend more time together. But before you dive in and enjoy your new pool, you’ll need to be sure you understand each of its components and how to operate the pool correctly. We’ve put together a homebuyer’s guide to pool maintenance so you can learn tips and tricks on how to properly and cost-effectively maintain your pool and familiarize yourself with your pool equipment.

With a little work when you first take over the pool, you can ensure your swimming pool operation is easier and more cost-effective for many summers to come. Continue reading New Homebuyer’s Guide to Pool Maintenance

How to Clean your Swimming Pool from Leaves

Having a leafy backyard can create unique challenges for swimming pool owners. Leaves and berries can easily drop into your pool, causing problems with debris, dirt and clarity. This can be especially difficult as autumn approaches and you get ready to close your swimming pool. This problem can be so frustrating that many people will avoid planting trees at all so it doesn’t add to their pool care needs.

With some planning and a regular cleaning schedule, you can overcome the challenge of having a leafy backyard area, and enjoy a sparkling clean pool this summer. Keep these tips in mind if you’re hoping to cultivate a garden oasis in your backyard.

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Sand VS Cartridge Filters

What is the Best Filter for a Swimming Pool?

Your pool’s filter plays a huge role in the maintenance of your pool, and is responsible for keeping your water clean, free of debris and contaminants. If you’re unaware of the way a filter works, and the kinds of pool filters available, you might have some trouble finding the correct one for your pool. The two most commonly used types of filters are Sand and Cartridge filters. These two offer different benefits, and vary significantly in how they work. In this article, we will outline the difference between these two kinds of filters so that you can have a more accurate picture of what each one can offer your pool. Continue reading Sand VS Cartridge Filters

Pool Filter Selection Guide

In order to keep the water in your pool crystal clear, mechanical filtration is needed alongside chemical treatment. Mechanical filtration is the oldest and simplest method of removing any solid particles from water, such as sand or dirt, and it remains the most effective way of doing that. As such, water filters are a requirement for any swimming pool.

The principle of filtration may be old and simple, but modern technologies allow for manufacture of more sophisticated filters that are able to remove not only large particles from the water, but also the ones invisible to the naked eye. There are two types of filters commonly used in residential swimming pools – Sand and Cartridge filters. Continue reading Pool Filter Selection Guide