Pool Care During the Winter

During the winter months, it can be depressing to look at your pool and remember the fun of summer. You might be tempted to ignore your swimming pool until the first warm days of early summer. But during the winter, your pool and outdoor equipment are exposed to temperatures and conditions that can be very damaging. It is important that you prepare your swimming pool to withstand winter. But it is also essential that you check your pool regularly throughout the winter season. In Canada, our winters can be very harsh, and winter damage can shorten an already narrow summer swimming period. Make sure to get the most out of your swimming pool by taking care of it all year long.

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Best Swimming Pool Apps for your Smartphone

Swimming pool design and technology has come a long way, and there are many helpful smartphone apps that can help you with everything from managing water chemistry to planning your summer season.

If you’re looking for a better way to control and manage your pool, apps are a great place to start. We’ve put together a list of the best swimming pool apps that can help you to manage your pool more effectively.

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New Homebuyer’s Guide to Pool Maintenance

If you’ve purchased a home with a swimming pool, congratulations! A swimming pool can add so much to your home each summer – encouraging your family to socialize, exercise, and spend more time together. But before you dive in and enjoy your new pool, you’ll need to be sure you understand each of its components and how to operate the pool correctly. We’ve put together a homebuyer’s guide to pool maintenance so you can learn tips and tricks on how to properly and cost-effectively maintain your pool and familiarize yourself with your pool equipment.

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Weather impacts on your swimming pool water

One of the major factors that impact your swimming pool is the weather outside. From week to week and even day to day, changing temperatures, rainfall, and sun exposure can all impact the way your swimming pool functions and what it needs. By understanding a bit more about how weather impacts your swimming pool water, you’ll be able to adjust your maintenance approach to ensure the weather doesn’t negatively impact your pool.  Continue reading Weather impacts on your swimming pool water

How to Clean your Swimming Pool from Leaves

Having a leafy backyard can create unique challenges for swimming pool owners. Leaves and berries can easily drop into your pool, causing problems with debris, dirt and clarity. This can be especially difficult as autumn approaches and you get ready to close your swimming pool. This problem can be so frustrating that many people will avoid planting trees at all so it doesn’t add to their pool care needs.

With some planning and a regular cleaning schedule, you can overcome the challenge of having a leafy backyard area, and enjoy a sparkling clean pool this summer. Keep these tips in mind if you’re hoping to cultivate a garden oasis in your backyard.

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Understanding chlorine levels in your swimming pool

When it comes to keeping your swimming pool water clean, chlorine is the most essential chemical in your maintenance routine. There are many steps you need to take to keep your pool water in balance and sparkling clean. But none of these steps will work without the right chlorine levels. 

The chlorine levels in your swimming pool should always be maintained between 1.0 and 3.0 parts per million. These levels will keep your water safe and clean. There are many ways that you can choose to add chlorine to your swimming pool water.

Using testing kits can make it easier to keep your chlorine levels stable, but there are many different factors that impact your chlorine levels, usage, and demand. Understanding more about how chlorine functions in your swimming pool water can help you to keep your levels stable and constant. With the right chlorine balance, your swimming pool water will be clean, clear, and easier to maintain. 

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How Does Smart Pool Automation Work?

When homeowners make the investment in turning their house into a Smart Home, the pool is an area that is often overlooked. But your swimming pool is also the area of your home with the most potential for added convenience through automation.

Pool technology has come a long way, and smart technology now makes it easier than ever to maintain the essential features of your pool, even from a distance. With some adjustments and updates to your pool system, you can maximize the effectiveness of your pool appliances while saving energy and money, all through your smartphone or tablet.

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Different Types of Pool Cleaners

If you’re looking to invest in a pool cleaner, you may also be wondering what kind of pool cleaner is worth your money. Purchasing a pool cleaner is a hefty investment, and you want to ensure that you get the most out of your money by purchasing a cleaner that will save you time on maintenance and let you get the most out of your pool. This article will hopefully make the selection process a little bit less daunting by providing the benefits and drawbacks of the different types of pool cleaners, so that you can figure out which purchase is best for your pool. Continue reading Different Types of Pool Cleaners

How to Remove Algae From Your Pool

Virtually every pool, outdoor or indoor, is susceptible to growing algae, mold or fungus. Spores of these organisms are floating in the air around us and whenever they come in contact with a hospitable environment like the water in your swimming pool, they bloom.

If the water in your pool is starting to look green or murky while walls and bottom of your pool are becoming slippery this means that algae is beginning to grow in your pool and you will soon be seeing green patches of it on the walls, at which point it becomes much more difficult to get rid of it.

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Chlorine Generators

On-site chlorine generation is growing in popularity in North America. Most new residential pools have generators installed when the pool is built. These systems are popular in other parts of the world as well, for example, the majority of pools in Australia have chlorine generators. By creating free chlorine in the water, chemical storage, transportation, chemical feeders, and handling is reduced. It is important that a qualified technician or contractor install the chlorine generator. The operation manual should be carefully reviewed. A spectrum of chlorine generators is available for smaller pools up to 40,000 gallons (151,500 liters). Units that can treat larger pools are also available.

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