A Complete Guide to Solar Pool Covers

In Canada, our swimming season is disappointingly short. During the hot days at the beginning of the summer, the weather is perfect for a swim – but your water will take some time to catch up, especially if you don’t have a heater. Over time, the summer sun will begin to warm your water, but it can take weeks off of your swimming season. Solar pool covers offer an effective and affordable way to use the sun to heat your swimming pool more quickly.

A solar pool cover can help you to quickly add a few degrees to your pool water, and to prevent heat loss during chilly nights. Continue reading A Complete Guide to Solar Pool Covers

How to Cut your Solar Cover to Perfectly fit your Swimming Pool

The right solar cover can add up to 17 degrees to your average swimming pool temperature over the summer. But, a solar cover needs to be the right size and shape for your swimming pool for it to work correctly. Solar covers come in a variety of sizes, but most of them are rectangular or oval in shape. If you have an oddly-sized pool or an irregular pool shape, you may need to cut your solar cover to fit your swimming pool correctly.

Luckily, it is very easy to cut a solar cover to fit any swimming pool.

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Pool Safety Covers

As more and more pool owners invest in pool safety covers, you might be wondering why they’re so popular. If your pool is open on a daily basis, you might want to consider getting a safety cover to cover your pool overnight and during the seasons you aren’t using it. A pool safety cover is far better than a tarp, or simply leaving your pool open through the season you aren’t using it, as it will prevent water, leaves, dirt and other debris from getting in, and will save you on the maintenance time that removing that nasty gunk takes. Another benefit of a pool safety cover is that it reduces the possibility of accidents such as falls, or of animals getting stuck in your pool. With a quality safety cover, you can easily walk over the top of your pool, making a portion of your yard accessible during the winter. This article will discuss the benefits of safety covers. Continue reading Pool Safety Covers