Playing Safe with Pool Toys

Pool toys have become incredibly popular in Canada and around the world in the past few years. The popularity of massive, impressive floaties on Instagram have made them in-demand and more affordable than ever. Most pool owners now have a huge collection of pool toys.

Pool toys are a great way to add some extra fun to the pool. But, it is important to be aware of how to play safely alongside your pool toys. Some of the most popular toys on the market can actually pose a danger in certain situations, particularly to children. Continue reading Playing Safe with Pool Toys

How to Keep Bees away from your Swimming Pool

Nothing is better than a day in the pool, enjoying the sun. But for many people, spending a day outside comes along with the threat of encountering bees. Many people are simply phobic about bees, but many others are actually very allergic to their sting. Because of allergies or fears, bees near the pool can ruin a summer. Unfortunately, swimming pools can provide an attractive area for bees to hang out, or even build their hive. But, understanding a bit about why your swimming pool attracts bees can help you to deter them from the area, leaving your family to enjoy the pool in peace. Continue reading How to Keep Bees away from your Swimming Pool

Is your Swimming Pool Safe for your Dog?

When the pool is busy in the middle of the summer, it can be so much fun for the whole family to hop into the pool. Some dogs simply won’t accept being left out of the action and will do anything to join the family in the water. But, is it safe for your dog to join you in the pool? For some dogs, the swimming pool is a safe and fun activity. But, there are some risks to having your dog in your swimming pool. If you are thinking of giving your pup access to your pool, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

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Pool Fencing: Safety Standards and Benefits

We all know that installing a fence around your pool is the last thing you want to do, but often it’s necessary. As the city of Toronto’s bylaws state that you are required to have a fence on your property if you have a private swimming pool, it’s important that you consider your options. Bylaws state that your pool enclosure should have a barrier, separating partially or wholly the boundary between adjoining land and your property. Now, this, of course, means that if you already have a fence of the proper size, you are technically on the right. However, with smaller children, pets or areas where pests and animals are a problem, a pool enclosure can give you the peace of mind that your children and pets are safe, and that you will not find drowned pests in your pool. This means that a pool enclosure is an effective way of guaranteeing safety and preventing additional maintenance.

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