Pentair/Sta-Rite Automation Systems

Having an at-home swimming pool can add so much to your summer! However, a swimming pool also takes a lot of time and effort, also a maintenance schedule can be very restrictive. Pentair/Sta-Rite has developed a line of automation systems that make it easier for you to maintain and monitor your swimming pool, even when you’re not at home. Pentair’s latest equipment offers you the option of built-in automation, like the system in the new Pentair/Sta-Rite IntelliCenter series. Built-in automation allows you to operate your pool more easily and efficiently. 

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How Does Smart Pool Automation Work?

When homeowners make the investment in turning their house into a Smart Home, the pool is an area that is often overlooked. But your swimming pool is also the area of your home with the most potential for added convenience through automation.

Pool technology has come a long way, and smart technology now makes it easier than ever to maintain the essential features of your pool, even from a distance. With some adjustments and updates to your pool system, you can maximize the effectiveness of your pool appliances while saving energy and money, all through your smartphone or tablet.

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