How to Cut your Solar Cover to Perfectly fit your Swimming Pool

The right solar cover can add up to 17 degrees to your average swimming pool temperature over the summer. But, a solar cover needs to be the right size and shape for your swimming pool for it to work correctly. Solar covers come in a variety of sizes, but most of them are rectangular or oval in shape. If you have an oddly-sized pool or an irregular pool shape, you may need to cut your solar cover to fit your swimming pool correctly.

Luckily, it is very easy to cut a solar cover to fit any swimming pool.

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Solar Blankets & Solar Pool Heaters

Like so many pool owners, you must be fed up with the maintenance fees that come with keeping your pool usable, comfortable and warm. Every month your electricity bill is higher and higher, and these costs are not feasible for your family. With the aid of a solar blanket or solar pool heater, you can easily heat your pool and save on heating costs. Solar energy is a staple of the modern world, and can be used for everything from powering your home, to warming your water, so why not use it to heat your pool? Solar pool heating is the most cost-effective form of heating in many climates, and if you are only using your pool in the summer months, is an excellent way to save on energy costs. Continue reading Solar Blankets & Solar Pool Heaters

Heat your Pool For Free – Use Solar Panels!

With increasing Fuel costs, many people are looking for alternatives to maintaining a warm and comfortable pool. One alternative which has become quite popular is the swimming pool solar heater. There are numerous variations of a solar heater all trying to achieve the same purpose – increasing the pool water’s surface area exposed to the sun, thereby allowing a greater volume of water to be heated simultaneously.

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Things to watch out for when shopping for a pool heater

How you’re going to heat that new pool you’ve just installed is a question you should answer before you finish your pool installation. If you’re installing a new heater with your pool, consider that there may be significant installation costs coming with a new gas line. That’s why you should always consider your alternatives when purchasing a heater, as you might stand to lose far less money with different options. If you’re replacing your old heater, there may always be significant gain in efficiency and value for your money, which is why you need to consider every option before you select. With the help of Toronto Pool Supplies, you can find the perfect heater for your pool easily. Simply use our step-by-step heater finder tool, to help you pick the right heater for the job. We also offer free quotes for installation and replacement.

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