How to Remove Algae From Your Pool

Virtually every pool, outdoor or indoor, is susceptible to growing algae, mold or fungus. Spores of these organisms are floating in the air around us and whenever they come in contact with a hospitable environment like the water in your swimming pool, they bloom.

If the water in your pool is starting to look green or murky while walls and bottom of your pool are becoming slippery this means that algae is beginning to grow in your pool and you will soon be seeing green patches of it on the walls, at which point it becomes much more difficult to get rid of it.

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DIY Leak Detection

Are you worried there might be a leak in your pool? We’ve got a simple procedure you can try yourself before calling in a technician to determine if your pool is actually leaking.

Generally, it is considered common for a pool to lose ~6mm of water over 24 hours due to evaporation. If more water is lost, a leak is very likely. If you suspect that there is, in fact, a leak in your pool, it’s in your best interest to analyze whether or not you’re losing more than 6 mm of water. If a significant amount is being lost, the state of your pool can be affected negatively. You may be forced to spend money on restoring the chemical balance and in severe cases; you may even be required to repair/replace your pool equipment to restore your pool to a functional state.

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How to Pick Your Pool Liner

The design of your pool plays a vital role in the character of your backyard paradise. Whether you are trying to simulate the silky smooth seas of the Caribbean, or are looking for a crisp and sharp modern look selecting the right design for your pool liner will be key! Our backyard is our escape; it is the fundamental soul of our home, it’s where we go to think to unwind, to relax!

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