Get the Most From Your Hot Tub During Winter

Many people dream of having their own hot tub, especially during the coldest days of winter. Hot tubs are an excellent way to relax, promote time with family, and to get outdoors during the winter. If your family already enjoys the swimming pool, a hot tub may be the perfect way for you to expand your backyard activities into the winter months. Continue reading Get the Most From Your Hot Tub During Winter

Pool Care During the Winter

During the winter months, it can be depressing to look at your pool and remember the fun of summer. You might be tempted to ignore your swimming pool until the first warm days of early summer. But during the winter, your pool and outdoor equipment are exposed to temperatures and conditions that can be very damaging. It is important that you prepare your swimming pool to withstand winter. But it is also essential that you check your pool regularly throughout the winter season. In Canada, our winters can be very harsh, and winter damage can shorten an already narrow summer swimming period. Make sure to get the most out of your swimming pool by taking care of it all year long.

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