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Chlorine Neutralizers & Dechlorination Chemicals for Pools

Most towns and cities will require pool water to be dechlorinated before it can be drained into storm sewer systems. All swimming pools need to be dechlorinated, even salt water pools. When draining any water off, including during backwashes, you must neutralize the chlorine from your pool water. The JustFlo Dechlorinator Kit complies with Canadian regulations for backyard pools. Simply purchase dechlorination tablets to add to the kit when you need. The most common chlorine neutralizer used in Canada is sodium thiosulphate. It is safe and affordable, and generates an immediate reaction. Sodium thiosulphate is the best dechlorination chemical for pool water that needs to be dumped quickly, making it ideal for backwashing and draining water off for servicing. It can also be used after shocking, or when your chlorine levels are too high for swimming. Contact us to help you find the right amount of dechlorination tablets for your pool size.

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