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Pool Water Test Strips for Sale in Canada

Pool water test strips assess the chemical composition of the pool water. These tests are simple to use and inexpensive. This type of kit works by dipping the strip into a pool water sample and then matching the resulting color to one on the included chart. The accuracy can vary depending on the person testing the water and how they interpret the color results on the strip. One strip can analyze up to seven different factors!

The type of pool water influences which pool test strips will measure pH, calcium hardness, alkalinity, stabilizer, and chlorine levels more accurately than others.

Saltwater pools rely on a proper amount of chlorine for the pool to function cleanly. As a result, you will need pool salt water test strips. An example is our Aquachek Salt Test Strips. With these, you will be able to analyze the water for the proper amount of salt as well as check the chlorine levels, pH level, and additional factors, like total alkalinity. 

Chlorine pools prevent bacteria and algae from forming and multiplying by utilizing a pump and filtration system to circulate chlorine through the pool water. These types of pools need pool test strips specific for chlorine and pH level testing. A great option is our AquaChek Yellow Chemical 4-in-1 Test Strips, designed for easy use to test the most critical parameters in your pool.

Aquachek’s copper 3-in-1 pool test strips are designed for use with mineral purification or copper ionization systems. By checking on increasing copper levels, you can prevent staining or issues with other equipment.

We recommend using pool test strips 2 to 3 times a week to check the pH balance of your pool water. This can fluctuate depending on how often you use your pool. Check out our selection of affordable swimming pool test strips down below. We supply well-known manufacturers including Aquachek, Clear Blue, and LaMotte, ensuring high standards of quality are met with all our pool equipment. Buy from Toronto Pool Supplies today!

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