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Solar Blankets

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A solar blanket is an important feature of any outdoor pool. While the pool isn’t in use during the summer, a solar blanket will perform two critical functions, as well as providing several other benefits. Firstly, it soaks up the sun’s rays, keeping the pool nice and warm for when it’s next used. This means your pool heater won’t be put under strain from constant use, and can allow you to save a lot of money on your fuel bills. Secondly, it can prevent your pool’s water from evaporating in the hot sun. Not only does water evaporation mean that you have to replace the water, which can run up a hefty amount on your bills, but can also mean the loss of your pool’s important chemicals.

On top of this, a solar pool cover also works to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris in your pool. Leaves, twigs, insects and other detritus can give your filter or pool cleaner a tougher job to do, so anything that stops them in their tracks before they reach this stage can prevent unnecessary maintenance – or, worse, replacement of your pool equipment.

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