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Enersol Solar Heating Panel, 1x8 ft

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Quick Overview

Includes 8 sq.ft. (nominal 1ft x 8ft) of solar pool panel. Each box includes roof mounting hardware and connection clips. 1 x 1ft wide solar panel 1 x header strap 3 x bolts 2 x clips 2 x o-rings.

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Enersol Solar Heating Panel, 1' x 8'

As the summer season begins to heat up, nothing is more disappointing than a pool that is still too cold to enjoy. Adding some heat to your pool is a great way to start enjoying your pool sooner, and a solar heater is an easy, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way to make your pool more comfortable and enjoyable. The Enersol solar pool heater allows you to take advantage of the space on your roof, or in your backyard to provide warmth to your swim.

Why choose Enersol Solar Panels?

Installing and operating a traditional pool heater can be very expensive, and can require costly professional startup fees. With the Enersol Solar Pool Heater, pool owners are able to quickly and safely add heat their pools by harnessing the power of the sun. On a bright day, the Enersol panel system can add up to 15 degrees to the temperature of your pool, giving you many more opportunities to swim each summer.

Adding Enersol solar panels to your pool is an excellent investment that will pay off for years to come. With an 18-year limited warranty, the Enersol heating system also provides a longer and more reliable lifespan than most traditional pool heaters on the market.

Custom Heating for your Pool

This Enerson solar heating panel kit contains one 8' X 1' solar heating panel, and a complete roof-mounting kit. This design allows you to create a custom solar-heating solution that works for you and your pool. With this setup, you'll be able to purchase the number of kits needed for your pool - without worrying about overspending.

The Enersol Solar Pool Heater provides a safe, environmentally friendly and affordable way for you to heat your pool. Extend the summer season by taking advantage of the power of the sun, and your own rooftop!

Box includes (mounting kit):

  • Solar Panel (1 ft. x 8 ft.) - 1 piece
  • Header strap (12 in.) - 1 piece
  • Panel stram (48 in.) - 1 piece
  • Bolts - 3 pieces
  • Clips - 2 pieces
  • O-rings - 2 pieces
  • Installation kit required per installation (SOLD SEPARATELY). Limitless number of panels per one installation kit.

Inground Pool:

Size 1' x 8' ft., quantity of the Enersol boxes1' x 10' ft., quantity of the Enersol boxes
12' x 24' (288 sq.ft.)18-2714-22
14' x 28' (392 sq.ft.)
15' x 30' (450 sq.ft.)
16' x 32' (512 sq.ft.)
18' x 36' (648 sq.ft.)
20' x 40' (800 sq.ft.)

Above Ground Pool:

1' x 8' ft., quantity of the Enersol boxes1' x 10' ft., quantity of the Enersol boxes
15' Round (177 sq.ft.)11-179-13
18' Round (254 sq.ft.)16-2413-19
21' Round (346 sq.ft.)22-3217-26
24' Round (452 sq.ft.)28-4223-34
27' Round (572 sq.ft) 36-5429-43
12' x 24' Oval (257 sq.ft.)16-2413-19
14' x 28' Oval (349 sq.ft.)22-3317-26
15' x 30' Oval (401 sq.ft.)25-3820-30
16' x 32' Oval (456 sq.ft.)28-4323-34
18' x 33' Oval (529 sq.ft.)33-5026-40

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