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Hayward Heat Pumps for Your Pool

Heat pumps work by transferring heat from the surrounding air into the pool water, rather than generating heat themselves. Heat pumps are more efficient than a gas powered heater because the energy used for heating is sourced more efficiently. Hayward offers heat pumps for sale.

Despite having the word, “heat” in its name, Hayward pool heat pumps do not generate heat directly, but rather use electricity as the means for power. Inside the heat pump is a fan. The process starts when this fan draws in heat from the outside air that has already been warmed by the sun. The very hot gas passes through the heat exchanger condenser only after it has been pumped into the compressor. The pool pump circulates the swimming pool water drawn from the pool. It then passes through a filter and the Hayward heat pump pool heater.increases the temperature as a whole. 

Heat pump pool heaters work efficiently contingent on the temperature remaining above the 7-12ºCelcius. In Canada for example, a Hayward heat pump will have to use more energy if the outside air drawn in is cooler. However, since most people use outdoor swimming pools during warm weather, this typically is not an issue.

Pool heat pumps are designed specifically for recreational water heating. A Hayward heat pump for above ground pools, inground pools. spas, and hot tubs are all acceptable leisurely water spots to operate successfully. 

Pool heaters measure their power in British thermal units (BTU). This means that for every one BTU raised, the temperature of one pound of water is subsequently increased by one degree. With that said, for quicker heating, you would need to increase the amount of BTUs. A Hayward heat pump with 50000 BTUs is extremely efficient. Pool owners who have left reviews on Hayward heat pumps suggest overestimating your heating needs by about 20% to account for environmental factors and natural heat loss caused by evaporation.

The service of our Hayward Summit heat pump is the best BTU performance and the industry's only gold evaporator fin, corrosion resistant for ultimate durability. At approximately 55 decibels, Summit heat pumps are virtually silent from a few meters away. It’s quiet technology is made possible because of an acoustic compressor cover, minimizing the sound levels. Also, the inclusion of the fan blade ensures efficient air flow operating quietly. Installation of a Hayward heat pump can be done on your own or by seeking professional help for assistance. 

Pay the initial price of a Hayward heat pump and make the environmentally conscious choice. The use of a R410A refrigerant means less harmful effects to the ozone layer. All our Hayward heat pumps have a warranty that consists of three coverages. An all encompassing, two year full warranty, a five year warranty on compressor components, the parts only, and a ten year warranty on heat exchanger, the parts only.

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