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Pentair Propane Pool Heaters

Three main categories of Pentair pool heaters are offered. The Pentair MasterTemp Low NOx range of heaters delivers high performance in an environmentally friendly format. These heaters heat up water rapidly, and without guzzling gas. Thanks to its cupro-nickel heat exchanger and heavy duty (HD) construction, it can resist corrosion and wear under the harshest conditions – even acidic water and heavy flow provide no match. And thanks to the manual gas shut-off, servicing is not a problem; nor is switching gas sources. Plus, it’s so quiet that you won’t even notice it on your daily swim!

The Pentair MasterTemp 125 Above Ground range of heaters features advanced, pre-mixed gas combustion technology that allows it to stand on even footing, in terms of sheer speed and power, with much larger heaters. Save time and money during installation thanks to the Pentair MasterTemp 125’s compact, lightweight design. The price tag might be low, but don’t worry, you won’t be wasting money on fuel, either. With certified energy efficiency of 82%, you’ll save money not just on the unit and installation, but on your energy bill, too. This is the highest energy efficiency of a gas heater in this price range. But perhaps the most notable advantage of the Pentair MasterTemp is its user-friendliness – and this goes for all models. Both the Low NOx and 125 Above Ground ranges have a digital display that rotates to three positions, completely removing the annoyance of inaccessible controls during installation. Its use is almost self-explanatory, and it provides important information at the touch of a button.

I acknowledge that all natural gas and propane heaters are final sale and must be installed by a certified gas technician; self-installation can void manufacturer's warranty.