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Hayward Gas Heaters

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Hayward pool heaters come in three main options. The millivolt – or standing pilot – option provides excellent value for money, burning either propane or natural gas. The path followed by the water through the unit is rust-resistant from start to finish. A powerful combustion chamber warms passing water rapidly, and because the product is powered entirely by its constantly lit pilot, it doesn’t even require external electrical wiring. Note that the millivolt model is not intended for high-wind areas.

The Hayward H-Series may be known for its low NOx emissions, but there’s more to it than just that. Its high energy efficiency comes from the pump’s strong hydraulic performance, which means that water can circulate through the pump quickly; a Fire Tile combustion chamber adds to this by delivering industry-leading insulation and preventing heat leakage. Burners, made from stainless steel, and the unit’s heat exchanger are resistant to corrosion, while a forced-draft system allows reliable performance even in the presence of rain, snow, heavy winds and other weather issues.

A smaller alternative to the H-Series, Hayward’s Low NOx Induced Draft Heater is an above-ground model with many of the same features. The newest advances in pool-heating technology bring high performance to a low price range – automatic electronic ignition ensures energy isn’t being wasted when the heater isn’t in use, and state-of-the-art insulation means the casing is cool to the touch even when the product is at full blast. Plus, thanks to a plug-in 120V electrical cord, installation is easy. Because of the Hayward Low NOx’ small size, it’s best used with fairly small pools.

Not sure what size of heater you need? Take a look at our heater size recommendation chart.

Millivolt (Standing Pilot) Heaters

Low NOx H-Series Electronic Heaters

Low NOx Induced Draft Heaters