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Free Water Chemistry Test

Toronto Pool Supplies is now offering FREE professional in-store water test lab for your pool!

The WaterLink Spin is the most advanced system for precise use of wet chemistry methods, without time consuming procedures or sacrificing accuracy by using test strip scanners. Just fill one unique Spin reagent disk with water and vital tests are done automatically. In just 60 seconds test results are analyzed and precise treatment instructions are provided.

Is your pool green or brown or infested with algae? Our water test will provide you with a precise and easy-to-follow treatment plan. Once your pool is clear, regular application of proper chemicals will ensure that it will stay that way! Let the WaterLink Spin photometers do all your pool and spa water testing for you.

To get your free water test:

  1. Get a sample of water from your pool.
  2. Fill out this PDF Form with some additional information (not everything can be detected in a sample): Download Water Test Form
  3. Bring the sample to our office at 116 Viceroy Rd in Vaughan, ON along with the form for testing.
  4. Get your results in minutes!

About WaterLink Spin

The WaterLink Spin station tests for all common pool chemicals in minutes with greater precision than test strip scanners and requires only a few milliliters of water. The following parameters are measured:

  • - Free Chlorine
  • - Total Chlorine
  • - Bromine
  • - pH
  • - Calcium Hardness
  • - Total Alkalinity
  • - Cyanuric Acid
  • - Copper
  • - Iron
  • - Borate (optional)
  • - Phosphate (optional)

Watch the video for more information!