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Buy Amana Furnaces in Canada Online

Amana brand offers the best furnaces in Canada. Buy Amana furnace online today for a quality assured, cheaper, quieter way to stay warm. One way Amana furnaces differentiate themselves from competitors with their noise reduction advancement technology. The last thing you want is on a cold winter night, when you are snuggled up watching your favourite holiday movie, but the sound is drowned out by the noisy air vents. Amana's heavy-gauge steel cabinet is just one of the ways it is able to keep the volume down. The second is the quiet two-speed sound-isolated blower. This manufactoral assembly eliminates pesky irritating disruptions that a typical home furnace would possess. 

In addition to Amana furnaces' quietness, it is also energy efficient. The importance of energy efficiency is it has direct correlation to lower spending. Let's explore this idea further. A gas furnace is measured by its AFUE rating (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), and this is either helped or hurt by the type of blower used in the furnace. The AFUE indicates what percentage of each dollar of natural gas purchased is actually used to heat your home. Amana furnace keeps cost low by outputting a 96% AFUE. This means that 96% of energy consumes into heat. In addition to the previous advantages mentioned above, Amana furnaces have a multi-speed ECM, (Electronically Commutated Motor), working at optimal performance in comfort and efficiency. Amana furnaces parts include a durable 110-Volt silicon nitride Igniter, color-coded low-voltage terminals, a self-diagnostic control board, and thermally insulated cabinet. 

The Amana gas furnace comes with extraordinary warranties. Amana provides a lifetime unit replacement limited warranty to the original, registered homeowner. This furnace also has a 10-year limited warranty on all functional parts. Whether the Amana furnace parts are in need of repair or replacing, the warranty will cover all charges. The extra security will leave you at ease. Amana furnaces have the utmost confidence in their product that they promise reliability in their slogan, stating, their products lasts and lasts and lasts®.

Amana 40K BTU Furnace
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Amana 60K BTU Furnace
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Amana 80K BTU Furnace
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