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Jandy R0524300 Fusible Link 240 Replacement Kit Vent Limit

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Quick Overview

Zodiac/Jandy R0524300 Fusible Link 240 Replacement Kit Vent Limit for JXi Rev G Heaters* and Earlier

*The JXi Revision can be identified by the first letter of the serial number found on the heater rating plate. For Revision H and later R0719400 is required

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R0524300 Zodiac/Jandy Fusible Link 240 Replacement Kit Vent Limit

A quality pool heater includes many different sensors and mechanisms that are in place to ensure your heater functions safely. Heat, power flow, and natural gas can all be dangerous elements, and all Jandy and Zodiac heaters are designed with safety as a priority, ensuring your heater will shut down when unsafe conditions begin to develop.

The fusible links in your heater play an essential role in keeping you safe, but in serving their function, may become worn, damaged, or broken. If you've discovered that the fusible link in your Jandy or Zodiac pool heater is in need of replacement, you'll be happy to know that an exact match is available for easy installation.

Installing the R0524300 Zodiac/Jandy/Teledyne Fusible Link

The R0524300 Zodiac/Jandy/Teledyne Fusible Link is an exact match for the existing fusible link in many Zodiac and Jandy brand heater models. For an experienced pool professional, switching out a malfunctioning switch for a replacement is a job that can be done quickly. If you've found that your heater is in need of a new fusible link to get running again, be sure that the R0524300 fits your existing model for a fast fix.

Used with:

  • Jandy JXi Heater - JXi200N, JXi200NK, JXi200P, JXi200PK, JXi260N, JXi260NK, JXi260P, JXi260PK, JXi400N, JXi400NK, JXi400NN, JXi400P, JXi400PK, JXi400PN
  • Jandy LXi Low NOx Heater - LXi250, LXi300, LXi400
  • Jandy JXi ASME Heater - JXi260NC, JXi260PC, JXi400NC, JXi400PC
  • Jandy Legacy LRZE Heater - LRZE125, LRZE175, LRZE250, LRZE325, LRZE400
  • Jandy Legacy LRZM Heater - LRZM125, LRZM175, LRZM250, LRZM325, LRZM400

Might be compatible with older models as long as the part number is listed in the product manual


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