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JustFlo Dechlorinator Kit

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Quick Overview

Justflo Dechlorination Kit

  • Easy to use; Fast - removes chlorine or bromine within seconds
  • For weekly backwashing, draining pool or spa for winterizing
  • Add one or more tablets and connect to end of discharge hose
  • Includes bright yellow marker (Flotube) - indicating compliance and filters backwash (waste water)
  • Dechlorination Tablets not included
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JustFlo Dechlorinator Kit

Each summer season, pool owners go through an incredible amount of chlorine to keep their pools safe and clean. This is necessary to ensure you have a safe and sparkling pool during the summer months, but there are times when you'll want to safely and quickly lower chlorine levels in your pool water.

Using swiming pool dechlorination chemicals, you'll be ready for maintenance or pool closing quickly - and the JustFlo Dechlorinator Kit makes dechlorinating simple.

Using the JustFlo Dechlorination Chemicals

When you're draining your pool for maintenance, backwashing during cleaning, or when it comes time to empty the pool and close down for the winter season, chlorine poses an environmental problem. Excessive chlorine introduced into sewer systems can cause problems with local wildlife and water chemistry.

Most municipalities throughout Canada have now made it illegal for pool owners to drain their pools into the sewer until chlorine and bromine have been neutralized. These regulations have been set in an attempt to protect water balance, and the health of local water. Luckily, the JustFlo Dechlorinator Kit contains swimming pool dechlorination chemicals that offer a fast, effective, and safe way for you to neutralize chlorine in your pool water.

Lowering Chlorine Levels Safely

Over time, chlorine naturally evaporates from water, particularly in the heat of the sun and most pool owners spend time ensuring there is enough chlorine in the water. But, when it comes time to drain your pool, the chlorine levels that are normal in pool water can be harmful if deposited in the sewer system. Before it comes time to empty your pool, you can quickly and effectively lower chlorine levels, to make the emptying process efficient, and safe for the local environment.

With the JustFlo Dechlorinator Kit, you'll be able to add a few tablets to your water to completely neutralize chlorine (or bromine) content in seconds, making pool maintenance faster, safer, and more efficient.

The Justflo Dechlorinator Kit is an inexpensive solution which is now required to comply with most storm sewer by laws. Proper water discharge or water is now a legal obligation of the pool owner and pool servicing company. Avoid fines with penalties of up to $50,000 with the use of Justflo Declorinator Kits and Tablets.

Justflo Dechlorination Kits and Tablets eliminate and neutralize the chlorine or bromine content in pools and spas as they are drained. Simply attach the JustFlo de-chlorinator kit to the end of your pool backwash hose place a few Dechlorination Tablets into the Dechlorination kit and discharged water as usual.


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