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K-Star K-10 10KW Electric Pool / Spa Heater

SKU: K-10 Manufacturer: Consolidated

Availability: In stock

Our Price: $650.00

Discounted Price: $489.99

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Quick Overview

You will smile when you stick your hand in and feel that perfect temperature! K-STAR Electric heaters, for comfort and heat when you need it.

10 KW Electric Pool/Spa Heater, 42 amps, max.15,000 US Gallons, 1 Phase, 240 Volt

K-Star K-10 10KW Electric Pool / Spa Heater

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  • Description
  • K-Star K-10 Electric Pool / Spa Heater

    For anyone looking to add a little warmth and usability to their pool, the K-Star Electric Pool and Spa Heater is a durable and easy-to-use choice. This flexible, affordable, and durable heater is powerful enough to heat your pool or spa, even during the cooler months of the year.

    Pool owners with limited space will love the design of the K-Star electric heater. The compact size doesn’t mean there is any compromise on power, but this compact unit is easy to tuck away if you’ve got limited space.

    Choose K-Star for Electric Pool Heating and Electric Spa Heating

    In the hottest months of the summer, a cool dip in the pool can be the most refreshing thing in the world. But during the cooler parts of the season, cold water can make your pool uninviting and less usable. Adding a heater to your pool is a great way to extend the swimming season, and make your pool more enjoyable for every member of your family. The K-Star K-10 Electric Spa Heater is also powerful enough to heat your spa!

    The K-Star K-10 Electric Pool Heater offers an effective and environmentally friendly way to heat your pool quickly. This powerful, sturdy model can maintain a temperature of up to 104ºF (or 40ºC) in pools and spas up to 65,000 litres - all in a small unit that is more compact than most heaters.

    Why choose the K-Star Electric Heater?

    For pool and spa owners who want the chance to extend the swimming season, the K-Star offers the perfect combination of performance, reliability, and affordability. With simple controls for changing temperature, affordable operating costs and a 1-year warranty, the K-Star Electric Pool and Spa Heater is a wonderful way to extend the swimming season, and make the water more comfortable for you and your family.

    Swimming any time is more fun when the water temperature is right. Your whole family will get more enjoyment and more use of your pool and spa with a K-STAR heater. Whether you want to extend your swimming season from earlier spring into the fall, or just want more comfortable pool temperatures all the time, or have your spa ready even in frigid winter weather, K-Star Electric Heaters can do it for you

    • Temperature control
    • Operating Indicator Light
    • High limit manual control reset
    • Leakage current collectors included
    • Copper grounding lugs
    • Stainless steel incoloy-sheathed elements for longer life
    • PVC impact-resistant tank
    • Winterizing drain plug
    • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
    Above ground Gallons Liters Recommended Heater
    15' 5 200 19 684 5 KW
    18' 7 600 28 769 10 KW
    21' 10 400 39 368 10 KW
    24' 13 500 51 102 15 KW
    27' 17 200 65 108 15 KW
    14' x 24' 7 700 29 147 10 KW
    15' x 25' 8 000 30 281 10 KW
    15' x 30' 12 000 45 424 15 KW
    Inground Gallons Liters Recommended Heater
    14' x 28' 16 200 61 323 15 KW
    16' x 32' 21 100 79 871 21 KW
    18' x 36' 26 700 101 070 24 KW
    20' x 40' 33 000 124 918 30 KW
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