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Hayward ED2 300 Natural Gas Heater Schematic

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HAXPLG1931Brass Plug-3/8" (H-Series)
Brass Plug-3/8Brass Plug-3/8" (H-Series)Part#: HAXPLG1931$27.53
HAXRHD1930Hayward H-Series Rear Header
Hayward H-Series Rear HeaderHayward H-Series Rear HeaderPart#: HAXRHD1930$88.70
HAXFHA1931Hayward H-Series Front Header Assembly
Hayward H-Series Front Header AssemblyHayward H-Series Front Header AssemblyPart#: HAXFHA1931$427.37
HAXBPK1932Hayward By-Pass Kit
Hayward By-Pass KitHayward By-Pass KitPart#: HAXBPK1932$66.37
HAXDRV1930Hayward Drain Valve Assembly
Hayward Drain Valve AssemblyHayward Drain Valve AssemblyPart#: HAXDRV1930$68.39
HAXHLI1930Hayward Hi-Limit 135F
Hayward Hi-Limit 135FHayward Hi-Limit 135FPart#: HAXHLI1930$51.31
HAXTLK1930Hayward HAXTLK1930 Temperature Limiters Kit
Hayward HAXTLK1930 Temperature Limiters KitHayward HAXTLK1930 Temperature Limiters KitPart#: HAXTLK1930$99.38
HAXPSA1930Hayward Water Pressure Switch Assembly
Hayward Water Pressure Switch AssemblyHayward Water Pressure Switch AssemblyPart#: HAXPSA1930$75.68
CHXTRF1930Hayward D/V Transformer CZ & HM2 Series
Hayward D/V Transformer CZ & HM2 SeriesHayward D/V Transformer CZ & HM2 SeriesPart#: CHXTRF1930$79.99
HAXIGN1931Hayward Ignitor/Bracket Assy
Hayward Ignitor/Bracket AssyHayward Ignitor/Bracket AssyPart#: HAXIGN1931$89.99
HAXFOR1930Hayward O-Rings
Hayward O-RingsHayward O-RingsPart#: HAXFOR1930$11.99
HAXNIP1930Hayward Flange Pipe Nipples
Hayward Flange Pipe NipplesHayward Flange Pipe NipplesPart#: HAXNIP1930$49.99
HAXNUT1930Hayward Union Nuts, (Set of 2)
Hayward Union Nuts, (Set of 2)Hayward Union Nuts, (Set of 2)Part#: HAXNUT1930$35.99
HAXFCT1930Hayward Flow Control Thermostat
Hayward Flow Control ThermostatHayward Flow Control ThermostatPart#: HAXFCT1930$106.52
CHXPLG1930Hayward 3/4" NPT Brass Plug
Hayward 3/4Hayward 3/4" NPT Brass PlugPart#: CHXPLG1930$29.30
HMXHLI2932Hi-Limit 160 Degrees F (H-Series Electronic)
Hi-Limit 160 Degrees F (H-Series Electronic)Hi-Limit 160 Degrees F (H-Series Electronic)Part#: HMXHLI2932$51.50
HAXMOD1930Hayward H-Series Control Module
Hayward H-Series Control ModuleHayward H-Series Control ModulePart#: HAXMOD1930$305.00
HAXBRN1930Hayward Main Burner - H Series
Hayward Main Burner - H SeriesHayward Main Burner - H SeriesPart#: HAXBRN1930$99.99
HAXHOR1930Hayward Header O-Ring
Hayward Header O-RingHayward Header O-RingPart#: HAXHOR1930$19.99
DHI300Hayward Indoor Drafthood for H-Series H300 Swimming Pool Heater
Hayward Indoor Drafthood for H-Series H300 Swimming Pool HeaterHayward Indoor Drafthood for H-Series H300 Swimming Pool HeaterPart#: DHI300$199.99
HWS300Hayward Outdoor Ventcap for H-Series H300 Swimming Pool Heater
Hayward Outdoor Ventcap for H-Series H300 Swimming Pool HeaterHayward Outdoor Ventcap for H-Series H300 Swimming Pool HeaterPart#: HWS300$199.99
HAXHXA1303Hayward Heat Exchanger Assembly - 300
Hayward Heat Exchanger Assembly - 300Hayward Heat Exchanger Assembly - 300Part#: HAXHXA1303$979.99
HAXGSV0005Hayward Gas Valve, DS Natural Gas
Hayward Gas Valve, DS Natural GasHayward Gas Valve, DS Natural GasPart#: HAXGSV0005$442.03
HAXCPA1932Hayward Control Bezel Assembly, ED2
Hayward Control Bezel Assembly, ED2Hayward Control Bezel Assembly, ED2Part#: HAXCPA1932$431.93