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Pentair MasterTemp 250NA Heater Part Schematic

Hover over parts on the diagram to view details or select a part from the list on the right. Parts which are greyed out on the schematic are only available for special order. Call us or email sales@torontopoolsupplies.ca to inquire.

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42001-0051SSta-Rite SVC Kit Comb Gas VLV
Sta-Rite SVC Kit Comb Gas VLVSta-Rite SVC Kit Comb Gas VLVPart#: 42001-0051S$379.99
472610ZPentair Membrane Replacement Switch MT
Pentair Membrane Replacement Switch MTPentair Membrane Replacement Switch MTPart#: 472610Z$129.12
42002-0007SPentair/Sta-Rite Kit Control Board Basic
Pentair/Sta-Rite Kit Control Board BasicPentair/Sta-Rite Kit Control Board BasicPart#: 42002-0007S$521.26
42002-0024SPentair/Sta-Rite Stack Flue SVC Kit
Pentair/Sta-Rite Stack Flue SVC KitPentair/Sta-Rite Stack Flue SVC KitPart#: 42002-0024S$117.60
77707-0054Sta-Rite/MasterTemp Igniter & Gasket Kit HTR
Sta-Rite/MasterTemp Igniter & Gasket Kit HTRSta-Rite/MasterTemp Igniter & Gasket Kit HTRPart#: 77707-0054$97.44
42001-0066SPentair Gasket Ignitor SVC
Pentair Gasket Ignitor SVCPentair Gasket Ignitor SVCPart#: 42001-0066S$62.88
42001-0052SSta-Rite Ignition Control Module, Digital
Sta-Rite Ignition Control Module, DigitalSta-Rite Ignition Control Module, DigitalPart#: 42001-0052S$298.46
42001-0107SPentair Transformer, 115V or 230V
Pentair Transformer, 115V or 230VPentair Transformer, 115V or 230VPart#: 42001-0107S$79.99
42001-0061SPentair Air Flow Switch
Pentair Air Flow SwitchPentair Air Flow SwitchPart#: 42001-0061S$129.99
42001-0056SPentair Terminal Strip Kit HTR
Pentair Terminal Strip Kit HTRPentair Terminal Strip Kit HTRPart#: 42001-0056S$59.99
42001-0053SSta-Rite/MasterTemp Thermistor SVC HTR
Sta-Rite/MasterTemp Thermistor SVC HTRSta-Rite/MasterTemp Thermistor SVC HTRPart#: 42001-0053S$75.99
42001-0063SSta-Rite Hi-Limit Switch
Sta-Rite Hi-Limit SwitchSta-Rite Hi-Limit SwitchPart#: 42001-0063S$72.82
42002-0025SPentair/Sta-Rite Automatic Gas Shutoff Switch
Pentair/Sta-Rite Automatic Gas Shutoff SwitchPentair/Sta-Rite Automatic Gas Shutoff SwitchPart#: 42002-0025S$59.99
77707-0120Pentair O-Ring Kit Manifold/Tube
Pentair O-Ring Kit Manifold/TubePentair O-Ring Kit Manifold/TubePart#: 77707-0120$53.55
77707-0001Pentair/Sta-Rite Manifold Bypass Valve
Pentair/Sta-Rite Manifold Bypass ValvePentair/Sta-Rite Manifold Bypass ValvePart#: 77707-0001$66.99
42001-0060SPentair/StaRite Water Pressure Switch
Pentair/StaRite Water Pressure SwitchPentair/StaRite Water Pressure SwitchPart#: 42001-0060S$79.99
77707-0017Pentair/Sta-Rite Connector Tube Kit
Pentair/Sta-Rite Connector Tube KitPentair/Sta-Rite Connector Tube KitPart#: 77707-0017$63.99
77707-0010Sta-Rite Thermal Regulator Package
Sta-Rite Thermal Regulator PackageSta-Rite Thermal Regulator PackagePart#: 77707-0010$97.37
460747Sta-Rite Kit Tubesheet Coil 250K
Sta-Rite Kit Tubesheet Coil 250KSta-Rite Kit Tubesheet Coil 250KPart#: 460747$899.99
460743Pentair Kit Combustion BLWR 250K NG
Pentair Kit Combustion BLWR 250K NGPentair Kit Combustion BLWR 250K NGPart#: 460743$669.99