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Raypak Pilot 002003F NG & LP IID Pool Heaters

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Raypak 002003F Pilot Nat & Pro IID for Raypak Electronic Ignition Heaters 206A-406A, 106A, 156A

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Raypak Pilot 002003F NG & LP IID Pool Heaters

Heating your pool with natural gas is an affordable, efficient way to make your swimming experience more comfortable each and every summer. Raypak natural gas heaters include a pilot that is essential to operation. Occasionally, the Raypak natural gas pilot can be the source of problems with your heater. But luckily, it is a quick and easy fix!

You can tell that your Raypak natural gas pilot might need to be replaced in a number of different ways. You might find that your pilot sparks, but may not catch or light every time. You may also find that, despite wind protection, your pilot goes out frequently. After years of service, rust, and moisture - your pilot light may need to be replaced to get your pool back to full function.

Raypak has made it easy to replace the pilot in your natural gas heater. Replacing your pilot light can add years of performance to your pool heater, at a fraction of the cost of a new heater and installation.

Used with:

  • Raypak / Rheem Above Ground Heaters - P-R106A-AN-C, P-R106A-AP-C, P-R156A-AN-C, P-R156A-AP-C
  • Raypak / Rheem Digital Heaters, Electronic Ignition - P-R206A-EN-C, P-R206A-EP-C, P-R266A-EN-C, P-R266A-EP-C, P-R336A-EN-C, P-R336A-EP-C, P-R406A-EN-C, P-R406A-EP-C
  • Raypak / Rheem Digital Heaters, Electronic, Salt Water - P-R206A-EN-X, P-R206A-EP-X, P-R266A-EN-X, P-R266A-EP-X, P-R336A-EN-X, P-R336A-EP-X, P-R406A-EN-X, P-R406A-EP-X

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