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Sta-Rite Digital Ignition Control Module

NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Replaced by 476223
Price in points: 9520 points

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Pentair/Sta-Rite 42001-0052S Ignition Control Module


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Pentair/Sta-Rite 42001-0052S Digital Ignition Control Module

When your pool or spa heater isn't functioning, it can be stressful to consider the expense and time involved in getting a replacement. All quality pool heaters are designed to provide you with years of reliable heating service, so long as they are repaired and serviced as needed. Over time, the ignition control in many digital pool and spa heaters may become damaged. Conveniently, Sta-Rite provides an easy to install replacement part for the ignition control on their pool heaters.

If the iginition contorl on your existing Sta-Rite MasterTemp or Max-E-Therm heater is in need of replacement, the 42001 -0052S Sta-Rite Ignition Control Module can get your heater functioning again quickly.

Installing the 42001-0052S Sta-Rite Ignition Control Module

The 42001-0052S Sta-Rite Ignition Control Module can be installed within a matter of minutes by your pool heating professional. Many pool and spa owners are also able to make the change on this part themselves, though you should be cautious about the imapct on your warranty if you decide to go the DIY route.

With some patience, professionalism, and willingness to do annual maintenance, your Sta-Rite pool heater has the capacity to last for years. If your existing igintion control is in need of replacement, be sure the 42001-0052S fits your existing model, and your heater will be firing up and working like new after a quick installation.

Used with:

  • Pentair MasterTemp 125 Above Ground Heaters, Natural Gas - 125NA (461058, 461059)
  • Pentair MasterTemp 125 Above Ground Heaters, Propane - 125LP (461060, 461061)
  • Pentair MasterTemp Heaters, Natural Gas - 175NA (460792), 200NA (460730), 250NA (460732), 250HD (460806), 300NA (460734), 400NA (460736), 400HD (460805)
  • Pentair MasterTemp Heaters, Propane - 175LP (460793), 200LP (460731), 250LP (460733), 300LP (460735), 400LP (460737)
  • Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm Heaters, Natural Gas - SR200NA, SR200HD, SR333NA, SR333HD, SR400NA, SR400HD
  • Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm Heaters, Propane - SR200LP, SR333LP, SR400LP

Might be compatible with older models as long as the part number is listed in the product manual


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