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Taylor Safety Plus Test Kit for Chlorine/Bromine, pH, Alkalinity (DPD)

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Taylor 6-wayTest Kit for Free & Total Chlorine,Bromine & pH, Includes tests for Acid Demand & Total Alkalinity (DPD)

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When added to fresh water, chlorine produces a powerful sanitizer called free chlorine. But as free chlorine destroys algae and bacteria and reacts with swimmer wastes and other contaminants, it converts to a less effective form called combined chlorine or chloramines (free chlorine + combined chlorine = total chlorine). When combined chlorine accumulates, it irritates bathers' eyes and causes strong odors. The bromine reaction differs in that combined bromine is an effective sanitizer, therefore no distinction from free is required.


pH shows whether water is acidic, neutral, or basic (alkaline). At a value of 7 pH is neutral; above 7 water becomes more basic; below 7 more acidic. pH can vary for many reasons: It is affected by some sanitizers and can be altered by the addition of make-up water. pH control is important because it affects bather comfort, sanitizer efficiency, and overall water balance.


Total alkalinity is the measurement of the alkaline materials in your pool or spa water that act as buffering agents to avoid "œpH bounce" and to help prevent changes in pH that could result in corrosion and staining. Maintaining the correct total alkalinity in your pool or spa water will help prevent costly equipment repairs and the extra expense of additional treatment chemicals.


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