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Water Bags for Sale

Heavy duty water bags are the easiest and most effective way to hold down your winter pool cover. Built from a resilient vinyl material and designed to withstand sub-zero temperatures, installing water bags for your swimming pool provides peace of mind. Despite the harsh winter conditions in Canada, having pool water bags installed means your pool cover is secure till next season. 

The only question is how many pool water bags do you need. The number of water bags is based on the size of your pool. When installing water bags around your pool cover, or tarp, the pool weights will need to be laid from end-to-end. So for example, a 12x24 pool size, needs 6, 8 inch water tubs and 4, 10 inch water tubs. A 20x40 pool needs 2, 4 inch and 12, 10 inch water tubes. The larger sized pool, 35x55 for example, needs 20, 10 inch heavy duty water tubes for its inground pool cover. 

Water bags, or pool bladder bags, are meant to sit around the edges of your winter cover, securing the corners tightly in position. They keep the cover firmly in place even in the heaviest rainfall and the windiest conditions. They are essentially weight bags for your pool cover. All of Toronto Pool Supplies’ water bags are made from heavy gauge vinyl that has been treated with UV inhibitors, as well as antibacterial and antifungal additives. Built using non-leak seams and quality durable valves, they will hold up during long, cold winters. We offer many different sizes, such as single and double chamber, and types, including cover weights for an above-ground pool.  

The water bags we supply for pool covers are very beneficial. For starters, water is evenly dispersed reducing risk of failure, they fill faster, and the 'heat activating' black color slows the process of water freezing which reduces warranty claims.

Water bags for an inground pool are placed after installing a winter cover. Water bags will hold the cover down and protect it from wind damage, ensuring the cover will function successfully all season long. This winter, water bags will keep your swimming pool cover secure. In addition to inground, these water bags are for above-ground pool covers too.

Installing water bags on your pool cover is quite easy. Simply fill the red flip cap using your hose until they are full, close the cap, and place the water bags around the perimeter of your pool, making sure they are touching one another so wind cannot cause disruption by getting under the cover. If you have a winter cover with loops around the outer edge, you can easily slip the water bag into these loops to help keep the cover in place. When spring time arrives and you're ready to open your pool, simply open the cap and drain the water. It is important to note that when you are preparing water bags, only fill them 1/2 to 3/4 full to allow room for expansion due to freezing. They become quite heavy and are basically weights for your pool cover. 

For proper winter pool closing, water bags are a necessity, especially for those with a traditional winter cover. The water bags/tubes are used to safely secure the cover, acting as pool cover weights. In addition to the safety benefits water bags offer, the sense of relief and ease knowing your pool is that much more protected during those harsh winter conditions is priceless. Check out Toronto Pool Supplies’ selection of pool water bags for sale and for all other pool-related equipment shipping Canada-wide, contact us today!