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Oval Winter Pool Covers in Canada

Picture yourself a beautiful summer day. The sun is shining, but it is not too hot. There is not a cloud in the sky; and there is a calming slight breeze. Your first thought is how perfect it would be to go for a dive in your swimming pool. You rush home, change into your favourite swim trunks, but right before you cannonball in, you dip your toes to test the waters. It is ice cold. And not a cold where it is refreshing, but the type of cold that stops you dead in your tracks and leaves you staring down into a body of water wishing it was tolerable. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this situation. A pool cover is beneficial for a number of reasons.

The main purpose of covering your pool is to prevent water evaporation. It is an energy saver. In addition to saving energy, it significantly saves the homeowner money. During the day, a pool cover absorbs heat from the sun to warm up the water. While at night, when the temperature inevitably drops, it prevents your pool’s temperature from falling as well. Pool covers come in multiple shapes and sizes to match the size and shape of your swimming pool above ground or in-ground. During the winter months especially, we recommend a pool cover to keep your pool safe from the conditions of Canadian weather, but also from animals and debris. If your pool is oval shaped, then the best oval winter pool covers are made from laminated polyethylene. This special material is thickly woven with high-density stitching, designed durably and resiliently. Above ground oval winter pool covers are at their best when they resist damaging ultraviolet rays. This increases the cover’s lifespan.

Installation for an in-ground pool cover is easy. Simply attach the standard holding straps for water tubs along the border of your pool. The reinforced webbed border means easy securing against possibilities for damage. Sizes vary from a 12x24 oval winter pool cover, a 16x32 oval winter pool cover or a 18x36 oval winter pool cover. You will find a ratchet and cable system with our above ground oval winter pool covers. The vinyl-coated cable optimizes security. Above ground oval winter pool covers have a 4' overlap and in ground covers overlap at 6’.

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